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Former Federal Stepchild?

By the time Phillip rolls up, the rest of the tribe is hanging out with Ashley and Natalie, getting their hair did and chatting. Phillip decides to ingratiate himself with the group by addressing the "girls" and saying he has a request for them: to check on the fire every half hour. Ashley agrees to this just to shut Phillip up and make him go away, and eventually he wanders off to an interview, where he says if he is voted out before Ashley and Natalie, then there is something wrong with this game. He complains that they don't work or help around camp or in challenges, nor do they give Phillip the credit he deserves for all the work he does. He likens their interactions with him to someone who doesn't like dogs petting a dog, which is actually a really good metaphor. "I'm their red-headed stepchild!" he titles. He vows to get rid of them as soon as possible. Phillip hasn't mentioned his Former Federal Agent? status in like two weeks now. I miss it. At least he's still walking around thinking he has some kind of power in this game.

And we go back to Redemption Island, where Krista's luxury item arrives in the treemail. It's a really, really girly bible. Like, it has a pink cover and a little charm cross and everything. Of course, Matt is thrilled to see another Christian, and they pray and talk about being Christian and all that stuff fundamental religious people do. That, and there's probably not much else to talk about around there. Matt says he and Krista are both happy to finally be in a community of like-minded Christians, which they both missed so far in this game. But, he says, this will make it tougher for him to go up against her in the duel. So let's get to it! Andrea and Natalie and Julie and Mike arrive to watch. Probst explains today's challenge: each contestant must use a grappling hook to fetch three bags with balls in them, even though only one ball is actually needed for the giant table maze. They must get the ball through the maze and into the finish net. The first person to do that wins another few days on Redemption Island as well as the knowledge that Jesus likes him or her more.

Probst calls go. Krista goes three-for-three tossing the grappling hook and getting a bag, and she starts the table maze first. Even though Matt is behind, he doesn't have any urgency trying to untie the bag and get a ball. As Krista works her ball through the maze, Matt puts his ball in, only for it to fall through a hole and have to start over. Suddenly, though, he's ahead of Krista. She panics, and then her ball falls through a hole. She starts over, but it's too late: Matt gets his ball into the finish net and wins again. Julie and Mike are pleased, but Matt isn't. Neither is Krista, who cries. She says her game is truly over now. But now she can hang out with her precious Li'l Russell in the Losers Lodge! Hooray! As the music tries to play her off, she asks if she can give Matt a present. Probst says sure, and she gives him her pink Bible. She says Matt's strong beliefs might be one of the reasons why he's doing so well on Redemption Island. I guess her beliefs just weren't as strong. She burns her buff and tells us that this was "God's will." Matt says he's extremely grateful to Krista for leaving him with her Bible. I would be, too, because even if you don't believe in what it says, it has a lot of stories to read to help pass the time. Probst recites what is becoming his traditional "seize the moment" Redemption Island speech and sends Matt away. Watching him leave, Andrea feels a flash of jealousy, interviewing that she thought she had a special bond with Matt, but apparently, he'll bond with any blonde.

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