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Former Federal Stepchild?

So! Back to the real game. Sarita has a toothache. She says she cleaned her tooth a little too hard and bacteria got in it or something? I don't know. Julie doesn't either. She interviews that Sarita is a "drama queen" and a "princess." Even Ralph has something negative to say about Sarita, saying she's too high-maintenance for this kind of thing, and may have stabbed herself in the gum hard enough to take herself out of this game with an infection. He doesn't understand why on earth Sarita would put a dirty stick in her mouth. I have a feeling Ralph would be just as confused about someone putting a toothbrush in her mouth. Or a razor on his back. Julie commiserates with Mike, who agrees that Sarita is really starting to annoy him. Meanwhile, David still hates Sarita from the puzzle challenge last week, so he gives Stephanie advice on how to worm her way into their alliance and put Sarita out first. He's doing this for his own personal reasons, of course, saying if Stephanie leaves and it's just him and the other five, he will want to shoot himself in the head. He interviews that he'd much rather see Sarita leave before Stephanie, and tells Stephanie that her best bet is to talk to everyone in the tribe individually, as awful an experience as that will be for all concerned. He then takes off so as not to be seen with her, and Stephanie mutters to herself that she'll have to come up with a way to suck up to the people she hates. Well, she's a waitress. I'm sure she does that all the time.

The next day, Phillip hauls some wood back to camp, walking past the rest of his tribe having yet another beach day. He says they should start stockpiling wood because another storm is coming in. They say nothing until Phillip is out of earshot, and then they talk behind his back. Ashley complains that Phillip never asks them to do anything -- he just "dictates." That's a good point, actually. Meanwhile, Rob and Grant talk about how Phillip just needs to accept that the girls aren't going to do anything and move on, as they have. Phillip is not going to do this, of course, so he yells at the girls again, saying he's frustrated with how he tells them to do something and they just sit there and don't do it. Ashley decides to have an honest interaction with Phillip for the first time, and asks him why he speaks to the women in his tribe differently than he does the men. Phillip doesn't really answer her question (which was a good question, to Ashley's credit), just says that he's not going to do any work tomorrow.

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