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Former Federal Stepchild?

David aims for Ralph on the second round. He gets pretty close to him, too, but Ralph apparently doesn't feel like putting any effort into catching the ball so it sails right past him. It's almost caught by Andrea, who dives for it because she is obviously much hungrier for this win than Ralph is. Natalie, of course, goes for Grant. He catches it. Two points for Onomatopoeia.

For the third round, Ralph is oblivious to his suckitude and screams at the ball launchers to aim at him. David appears ready to do that, and launches one basically right at him. It's nearly caught by Ashley, who's just standing there with her net parked right in front of Ralph's. Ralph falls over. He does not catch the ball. Natalie aims for Grant once again, who easily gets past Mike and gets his tribe a third unanswered point. I can't blame Mike for this, because the fact is that Grant was in the NFL just a few years ago, so this kind of challenge is freaking made for him. Probst praises the "good strategy between Natalie and Grant," a.k.a. Natalie launches the ball somewhere in the vicinity of Grant, who uses his years of training to evade his opponent and catch it.

For the fourth round, Mike grabs a hold of Grant's shirt to try to hold him back. "Mike ripping Grant's shirt off!" Probst cries, so happy. It actually gets results, as Grant is just short of catching the ball. This could be Zapato's chance to catch up, but Steve misses their shot and Rob catches it. Oops.

The fifth round begins with another show for Probst: "Grant rips off what is left of his shirt and offers it to Mike, who has basically been tearing it off every point!" This is, like, Probst's favorite challenge ever. Natalie aims for Grant again, but Mike is able to get his net in Grant's face, distracting him enough to miss the catch. David then launches Zapato's ball, but Steve is nowhere near it. Rob is, though, but misses it despite doing an impressive and seemingly painful split. "Mike and Grant have been going at it hard!" Probst cries.

Sixth round. Stephanie aims for Steve, but he is unable to catch it. Once again, Rob nearly gets it instead. Also once again, Natalie aims at Grant, who is able to speed past Mike and catch it easily for the win. Zapato is very sad to lose and so badly, but I really don't think they should be. Like last week's challenge, this one was designed to let Rob's tribe win. So, whatever. During the slo-mo walk of shame, Steve interviews that tonight's decision could make the difference between whether his tribe resumes its winning streak or continues to lose. He seems to think they could lose both Stephanie and her "lip service" and Sarita, the "uptown girl" and benefit. What about Steve and his "getting beaten by Rob despite his NFL past and height?" Or Ralph and his "inability to perform in challenges that don't involve product placement tools?"

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