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Former Federal Stepchild?

Stephanie presents her case to Julie. She says the tribes will be even after this Tribal, so they won't have the luxury of sitting a weaker player out. A weaker player like Sarita. Julie says that's true, but "the guys" trust Sarita more than they do Stephanie. "It's not a done deal yet," she adds. Stephanie says all she can do is show her tribe how much better she is in challenges than Sarita, which is unfortunate since I actually haven't seen Stephanie perform all that well in challenges yet. As Sarita strolls over, Julie tells Stephanie that she's a "strong woman in a little package" and gives her hug. Stephanie interviews that if her tribe keeps Sarita over her, they will be doomed to lose every single challenge. Haven't they won plenty of challenges with Sarita? Also, even if they keep Stephanie and win every single challenge until the merge, they'll still be down in the numbers because Stephanie is planning on flipping to the other tribe. So keeping Sarita is probably a wiser decision, not that Zapato knows about any of that.

David rallies the menfolk together against Sarita. He says losing sucks and they need to win. Julie walks up as David adds that "trust comes later." Um, David? It's like Day 16. This game is half over. It's later. Steve asks Julie what she wants to do tonight. Julie says Stephanie is stronger, but she trusts Sarita more. Steve thinks they're screwed no matter who goes and who stays. David, of course, "fundamentally disagrees" with that, again saying that winning is the most important thing. Once again, I don't understand how keeping Stephanie guarantees a win and keeping Sarita guarantees a loss. As the tribe leaves for Tribal, Mike interviews that keeping Sarita is risky because she's been "cruising" in the challenges while Stephanie "has more fight in her."

The tribe arrives at Tribal, and Probst immediately starts in on them about how they threw that challenge and wasn't that stupid now that they lost the numbers advantage? Don't they all regret this? Why should they? They won the very next challenge after they voted Li'l Russell out, which Probst apparently forgot about. They lost the last two because those were obviously tailored to Rob and Grant's talents. And they're still better off going into a merge down in numbers than they would be if they had Li'l Russell screwing things up for everyone. David, who was almost entirely responsible for throwing that challenge, says they are paying the price for giving Onomatopoeia the momentum of one challenge win.

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