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Probst makes fun of them for being "destroyed" in the challenge today and asks Ralph what he thinks went wrong. Ralph blames the ball launchers, saying they didn't aim at the "open men" and if he was the shooter, they would have done better. Actually, they might have done better, but only because Ralph wouldn't have been out there with a net totally sucking and contributing to the tribe's loss, unable to catch anything despite being the only guy out there going up against a woman. Pathetic. Probst then focuses on Sarita, asking why she sat out today. Why not? Actually, why not have Julie and Stephanie behind the sling shot and David going up against Andrea with the nets? Surely he could have caught plenty of balls over a tiny woman. But he didn't. Sarita doesn't get a chance to say much, as Stephanie interrupts her and says Sarita was "shaking in her boots" when she found out the challenge would have physical contact. But, Stephanie adds, it's okay that Sarita sat out, since she's not good in challenges anyway. Probst asks Stephanie what she meant when she said Sarita was scared of this challenge, like he doesn't know, and Stephanie says Sarita obviously didn't want to get in there and get physical with other players, while Stephanie herself was ready, willing, and able to do whatever she needed to help her tribe win. Which is why we all saw her running around with a net and wrestling opponents to the ground as she leaped to catch the winning ball for her tribe - oh, wait. That's right. She sat behind the slingshot and had contact with no one.

Sarita then stupidly says she "didn't want to be the one" who said she could do something and then couldn't follow through. I think she was trying to get a dig in at Stephanie here, since Stephanie keeps saying she's really good at things she actually sucks at, but Probst chooses to interpret it in the worst way possible: that Sarita was happy she could sit out and not be the reason why her tribe lost. Before Sarita can defend herself, David pipes up and says that's what he heard: Sarita didn't want to participate in the challenge because she knew she was the weakest link on the team and didn't want to put her ass on the line and potentially be exposed as such. Sarita says she would have been happy to be in the challenge. "Bullshit," Stephanie says, reverting to her old Tribal unpleasantness. Sarita continues that she is a big part of her tribe and watching them lose was "horrible." Probst asks Stephanie if she thinks Sarita is telling the truth. Of course, Stephanie says no. She says Sarita complains more than anyone and apparently doesn't want to be here, so why keep her around? Sarita says that's not true at all. It looks like they'll have to agree to disagree on that point. It also looks like Sarita could be doing a better job at sticking up for herself. Or maybe she's just letting Stephanie obnoxious herself out of there. Probst asks Steve if "Stephanie's spunk alone" might be worth keeping her over Sarita. Steve says Stephanie is a "warrior at heart" and works hard around camp, while Sarita is trustworthy but could do more around camp and play harder in challenges. David weasels in and says it sounds like Stephanie has more things going for her than Sarita. He says his tribe is "too obsessed" with trust when they should be focused on winning challenges. "Trust will come with time. Right now we need to focus on winning," he says. Again. So I will say again: it's Day 16. The merge will probably happen after the next challenge or two. You don't have time to earn trust anymore.

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