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God's Will

Brandon says calmly that it hurt his feelings, and he's not acting like Russell, and he thinks Coach is blowing off steam and Brandon is the unwitting target. Coach claims to have PTSD from dealing with Russell. Okay, Russell was bad, but let's not go overboard, Mr. Drama. Brandon insists on a hug. Coach interviews that Brandon was "bullying" him, and he also rudely interrupted their conversation. They're not at a tea party, for crying out loud. They're in a game where it makes sense to interrupt strategy talk, if only to prevent people from ganging up on you. And I don't think Coach understands what bullying is. If anyone is a bully here, it's Coach. He's constantly making people pray, and telling them what to do and how to vote, with the threat that if they don't, they're disloyal and not part of the family. Anyway, the best part if that, right afterwards, Coach is trying to do an interview where he talks about how the Hantz is coming out in Brandon, and then Brandon walks up behind him and offers him a piece of coconut and Coach just has this look on his face like, "Are you SERIOUS with this?" That was weird. I've never seen anyone come up and interrupt an interview before.

Immunity Challenge! The contestants have to use a rope to climb a very steep wall. At various points along the rope, there are bags of puzzle pieces tied on. Once all five bags are collected, they have to sort the pieces into pairs. Three pieces won't have matches; those have numbers on the back. The contestant then has to climb up to the top of the wall and use the numbers as a combination to open a box which raises a flag. The winner gets immunity along with a pizza and garlic bread.

I feel like Sophie has a huge disadvantage in this challenge, due to women having less upper body strength, and the first part is all upper body strength. And then, you might think she could make it up by being better at puzzles for the second part, but it's not even a puzzle. It's matching. My toddler could do it, so that means even Brandon can handle it. I would be pissed if I were her. Brandon and Rick get their bags down first and start working the puzzle. Sophie actually has a lead on Albert, but they're both pretty far behind. As they start matching up pieces, Brandon and Coach do well and Rick does terribly, because he is useless. Brandon gets his three numbers and starts climbing the wall. Coach heads for the wall as well, but Brandon is at the top and enters in the combination, winning immunity. He shouts out a lot of thanks to Jesus and God.

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