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God's Will

Probst ties the Immunity Necklace around Brandon's neck, and then tells him that he gets to choose a friend to share his pizza, but they have to eat it back at camp in front of everyone, and they can't share. Brandon chooses Rick. Rick? Really? Why Rick? I have no idea. Trying for a jury vote? I don't think Brandon thinks that strategically. Coach interviews that he believes in divine intervention, and it wasn't Brandon's time to go home tonight. Coach admits that he's pissed, but he's also at peace. Can you be both? I guess Coach can. He's complicated.

Hey, the pizza delivery guy is driving a jet ski! Because this show has to do everything in the corniest and also flashiest way possible! Sophie interviews that Brandon getting immunity was the worst possible outcome, so now they have to switch it up, and she wants to vote out Albert because he's getting more and more annoying and thinks he is the Strategy King. Sophie quickly asks Coach what he thinks and he just says, "Albert." So they're on the same page. I guess they are tight. I always thought Sophie was tighter with Albert than Coach.

Albert and Brandon have moved down the beach a bit to eat their pizza, which is nice. Sophie walks over, cool as a cucumber, and says that she just wants to smell their pizza, and after taking a whiff, she lies down and chats. Albert tells Coach that Sophie is doing some game-playing and trying to garner votes to get Albert out. Well, he's not wrong. Sophie tells Brandon and Rick that she's voting out Albert. But she doesn't have to do much selling; Rick says he was voting out Albert anyway, and then tells them about the scene we saw at the opening of the episode where Albert tried to convince Rick that they were going to the finals together. Rick knew it was bullshit, but went along. Brandon seems shocked to hear this, and interviews that there's a lot of lying going on at camp, and he needs to talk to Albert and see if he comes clean or tries to cover it up. Albert's reaction will determine Brandon's vote.

So Brandon goes to Albert and relays Rick's story about the two of them going to the finals. Albert says he's never turned his back on Brandon and Coach. Brandon specifically asks, "You've never promised anyone but me and Coach final three, final two, anything?" Albert says he has no reason to lie. He didn't say no, but I don't think Brandon counts technicalities like that.

So Brandon, bless his heart, decides to get everyone together and see what's what. I kind of love him for this. He gathers Albert, Sophie, and Rick and relays the story once again about Albert and Rick going to the finals. Albert just LIES and says that he never said anything of the sort. Rick reminds him of their conversation, which we SAW, so we know that Albert is lying here. BUSTED! Albert goes into spin mode and claims it's his word against Rick's, and he doesn't know why Brandon would believe Rick and not him. And then they get into the fact that Albert tried to use Dawn and Whitney to get rid of Rick earlier, which you'd think would be evidence that Rick and Albert didn't have a deal for the finals, but everyone is too worked up to think logically. Sophie just listens, kind of gleefully, and when she tries to interject, Albert talks over her. Albert interviews that he's in a shitstorm and he has a lot of damage control to do, but he's hoping to get Brandon back on his side. It's smart of him to target Brandon, who is dumb enough to believe his bullshit.

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