There's Gonna Be Hell to Pay

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Nothing But Air

Shamar and Sherri head into the jungle for a talk. Sherri asks him to try to keep a lid on his anger today, because she knows that Eddie and Reynold will be trying to antagonize him. Sherri is REALLY good at this -- she tells Shamar that he's more "vocal" so they will target him. That's a nice way of putting it. Shamar says he doesn't like these "immature games" and instead of saying, "Then why did you sign up for Survivor, asshole?", Sherri tells him that it's part of Eddie and Reynold's game and Shamar just needs to hold on until they're gone. Sherri interviews that she employs a lot of "snotty teenage brats" so she's used to dealing with people like Shamar. Shamar tells her that he's over it and this isn't his kind of thing. He interviews that he came into the game wanting the million dollars, but he's feeling like it's not worth it and is questioning whether he would stay. Has he EVER watched an episode of this show? This is why their practice of recruiting contestants can backfire.

Phillip interviews that he's 54, but he doesn't act like it because he takes care of himself. We see him lifting rocks and stumps. He claims that he plays pick-up basketball with men half his age and then he puts on a move and gets "nothing but air" (which would be an airball) and this is playing with guys twice his height (so ten to twelve feet tall people?). Phillip is crazy. I think the editors just really love dropping sound effects and music behind his interviews and that's why we get so many of them.

As the Favorites eat, Corinne wonders if they will give the Fans beans when there's the inevitable tribal switch. She might be getting a little ahead of herself. Anyway, Corinne interviews that in their alliance, Phillip and Andrea are season buddies and Dawn and Cochran are season buddies, so she and Malcolm have naturally gravitated towards one another. I'm sure it doesn't hurt that Malcolm is fairly easy on the eyes. Anyway, they go hunting for a Hidden Immunity Idol. And quickly find one, because no one seems to understand the meaning of the word "hidden" on this show. They bury it in the dirt and Malcolm interviews that he's psyched to have an Idol, but he's not thrilled that Corinne knows about it. But what're you gonna do? They pinky swear not to tell anyone else about it. We'll see how long that lasts.

Hey, Phillip's being weird again! He's sitting with a basket on his head, as he claims that it captures the breezes. Cochran agrees to try it out as he does an interview where he pimps the network and the timeslot, as well as explaining that he's surrounded by beautiful women in their underwear. Sold! I will watch the show! Corinne is talking strategy with Malcolm, and Andrea notices. She asks Cochran if he's noticed that Corinne is shady and suggests that they ditch her from their alliance and sub in Brandon. She brings the suggestion to Phillip, who agrees that they should do it. Andrea and Cochran approach Brandon who claims that he'll do anything to stick around and then interviews that if he gets wind that he's going home, he's going to pee in the rice and beans. So that's a nice stable personality that you want around.

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