There's Gonna Be Hell to Pay

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Nothing But Air

The Fans work together well to move the chest. They've got their strongest people on the chest and they are holding the chest off the floor and moving it. Once they get to shore and have to roll the chest, they slow down and the Favorites catch up. Both teams start trying to catch the track pieces with the grappling hook. Phillip and Malcolm hook the first two sections for the Favorites; Reynold and Shamar hook the first two sections for the Fans. Both teams are trying for the third section at the same time with Eddie and Brandon competing. Is there a rule that the same person can't hook a section twice? Because Eddie just fails and fails with his tosses and there's never a suggestion that someone else try it. Brandon hooks his section and the Favorites quickly get their trunk onto the platform. I don't get why, after two or three tries, Eddie didn't offer to let someone else try. At least he wouldn't have been such a goat.

We come in mid-conversation with the Fans, after the Challenge. Michael is talking about how much it sucks that they lost and Reynold appears to be continuing a conversation from earlier, but Shamar tells him, "Don't talk to me. You disgust me." Like who talks to other people like that, ever? On an island, in a game, at war, whatever? Maybe I'm just sheltered. Shamar revisits the goggle issue again and Reynold tries to defend himself, but Michael points out it's not why they lost. Reynold interviews that Shamar is less mature than his three-year-old nephew and he wonders what Shamar has to do to convince his tribemates to vote him out.

Laura pulls Sherry aside and confesses that she's scared that they will vote her out because of how much she sucked at the swimming part of the challenge. Laura interviews that of the three on the outs (Reynold, Eddie and Hope), they need to keep Reynold and Eddie if they want any hope of winning a challenge. Matt walks up and agrees that they need to keep Reynold and Eddie, and they're worried that they know that and will give the Idol to Hope. Laura quickly says that they should split the vote to prevent that, and the easiest way is to have the girls vote for Hope and the boys vote for Eddie. Sherri quickly tells Shamar the plan and he points out that it will be three votes for Hope, three votes for Eddie and three votes for him. We don't see how that question gets resolved; instead, Shamar just agrees to vote for Eddie. I thought this was a dangling issue, but as we will see shortly at Tribal Council, it was a moot point. I guess the editors wanted us to worry about Shamar, but instead I was just confused as to why he agreed to the plan so readily since it would put him in danger.

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