There's Gonna Be Hell to Pay

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Shamar and Hope hang out in the water and discuss how they both know what it's like to be the target. Hope interviews that she really doesn't think Reynold will give her the Idol. Shamar says that he would much rather send Reynold home than her, but he has the Idol. Hope thanks him and says she wishes there were something she could do. Shamar tries to drop some heavy hints about how she could save herself; all he says is that she needs to vote for one of the guys. He doesn't tell her who, but since Reynold has the Idol, it should be obvious.

Hope immediately confides in Julia (I had to look her up because I had no clue who she was) that Shamar told her it's either her or Eddie going home. Julia quickly tells Matt that Shamar spilled their whole plan, which isn't exactly true. Julia goes on to tell Sherri and Laura that Shamar told Hope the plan, and Laura panics and thinks that Shamar won't vote with them now. She immediately assumes that thing are going awry and she needs to make a deal. She needs to calm the fuck down. Anyway, she goes and tells Reynold that she will vote with them to get rid of Shamar. I just now realized that she never had any intention of voting with them; she just wanted to make sure that those three voted for Shamar and not her, in case there was some sort of plot afoot. Smart, but also not necessary. Reynold is psyched, because he actually thinks they might be getting rid of Shamar.

Tribal Council. Probst asks Reynold if there was fallout after the last vote. Reynold says that Shamar was screaming at everyone. Probst asks Shamar about his attitude, and Shamar laughs and says that he's the scapegoat and these are people who make up lies. Shamar claims that Reynold is a liar and Reynold says he's not sure how much he could lie since Shamar has issued the edict that Reynold can't even talk to him now. Probst basically asks, "Seriously?" and Shamar says that he can't stand Reynold's attempts to be friendly. Look, Reynold is an arrogant prick, but Shamar has more serious problems. I can't even begin to understand where he is coming from and I'm usually able to get inside people's heads and at least understand their motivations, even if I don't agree with them. Shamar is a mystery to me.

Probst asks Hope what she thinks of Shamar, and Hope says that Shamar told her it was 99% sure she was going home and she should turn on her friends because Reynold wouldn't give her the Idol. That's not what Shamar said and he (aggressively) points that out. Shamar claims to Probst that he's really a happy guy and everyone just wants to throw him under the bus.

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