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Probst asks why Shamar feels so picked on, and Matt says that Shamar has an attitude problem and it rubs people the wrong way. Julia says that after the last Tribal, Shamar wanted to revisit everything everyone said about him and he ended up screaming at her that she's a weak person. Shamar puts his head in his hands and says that's not true, and people embellish what happened. We didn't see his conversation with Julia, so we can't tell if she's embellishing or not, but he was definitely screaming at people after Tribal, as we saw in the opening scene of this episode.

Sherri puts it all out there. She says that she's met a lot of people like Shamar and she knows that -- in his mind -- once you've crossed him, you can't go back. So he's not what you would call forgiving. Or tolerant. Or easy-going. Gotcha. Shamar agrees with Sherri's assessment.

Probst wants to talk about the couples' alliance and asks if Hope is concerned about tonight's vote. Hope says that she's next on the chopping block and she thinks everyone should vote for Shamar because he brings so much negative energy to the tribe. Probst wonders if Eddie thinks he's too awesome to stay. I mean, that's basically what he says. Eddie says that he's trying to vote out Shamar too and he's also on the "no talking list." Shamar says it's only because Eddie is a follower of Reynold. Oh, well that totally makes sense. Normal healthy people usually have "no talking" lists. Reynold says that everyone knows he has the Idol so now it's a poker game.

And the voting begins. Probst tallies the votes. It all goes down as they planned: Reynold doesn't play the Idol, and there are three votes each for Eddie, Hope and Shamar. That means that they have a revote, except here's the part I forgot about: Eddie, Hope and Shamar don't get to vote. That means that two of Shamar's votes were taken out of the running. Also, they can only vote for Hope, Eddie or Shamar and presumably no one can play the Idol, I guess?

So on the revote, Shamar gets one vote from Reynold and everyone else votes for Hope. She's going home. Well, she was kind of a nothing anyway. Eddie is screwed unless more people feel attacked by Shamar or Shamar quits. Or there's some sort of tribal shakeup. Or they win a lot more challenges.

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