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The contestants return to camp under the light of another giant moon. Sierra interviews that she was not expecting to be back at camp tonight, and that's got to be a little bit of a disappointment considering that she probably just spent the last three days consoling herself over her inevitable boot by thinking of all the delicious food she was going to eat and the shower she was going to have and the bed she was going to sleep in. She says she couldn't have asked for a better Tribal Council, but that's not true. The best Tribal Council in the history of this show will be the one that sends Douche home. PLEASE let it be tonight.

J.T. turns around and starts spinning things expertly (albeit with an almost unintelligible redneck accent), telling Douche and Debbie that they intentionally left them out of the loop because they didn't want to put such honest good souls like Douche and Debbie in the position of stabbing Tyson in the back. LOL. Lest you think he's telling the truth, Stephen sets the record straight in an interview: the real reason they didn't tell Douche and Debbie was so they wouldn't be able to scramble and save Tyson at the last minute. "Good move, guys," Debbie says with so much covert hostility; "and I appreciate you not telling me." Douche says the same thing but, of course, adds his own "I am awesome" spin to it, saying that they did a great job to have gotten one past his amazing intuition. The amazing intuition that has managed to detect absolutely nothing thus far, making it only amazing in its complete lack of existence. Douche also says he "appreciates" that J.T. and Stephen didn't tell him about the Tyson boot. While I think Debbie was lying, I think Douche is telling the truth and honestly thinks he was kept in the dark for his own benefit because he is just that well-regarded. Stephen interviews that he's pretty sure that Douche and Debbie's response to seeing their alliancemate leave the game was all an act to kiss the asses of the people who are now clearly in charge of the game. He'd rather have an honest blow-out than smoke blown up his ass. Be careful what you wish for, Stephen.

Props to the opening credits people, by the way, for making sure that the shot of that giant rodent (I believe it is the largest rodent in the world) precedes Douche's picture every single week.

Day 28 at Forza, and I think the judgmental chicken from last week's reward village visit is stretching its wings in the sunlight. J.T., Stephen, and Debbie sit around the fire. While J.T. works to start it (of course), Debbie starts in with the strategy, saying she needs to know who will fall victim to their alliance next. Stephen says Sierra and then Erinn. "Yeah okay. I love you two to death," Debbie says. Everyone claims that he trusts everyone else completely and everyone is totally lying. J.T. assures Debbie that it'll be him, Stephen, Debbie, and Douche in the Final Four. Debbie interviews that she's "recoiling" "like a snake" while trying to figure out what to do next. Except that snakes actually have to strike out before they recoil, and Debbie has done nothing in this game thus far, really. She's not sure she should believe Stephen and J.T. anymore. "That's the question of the day," she says. It's really not, since all evidence points to them being in an alliance with Erinn and not you.

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