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Probst asks Douche the same question, allowing him to point to a "catalyst" in the drama at camp and stating that he is standing firm in his original plan of how to play this game: with honor and keeping the strongest players around. Players like Debbie. And Stephen. LOL. Brendan and Tyson, who are Douche's idea of the strongest players in the game, exchange looks from their seat on the jury while Sierra rolls her eyes. Probst notices the eye roll and asks her about it. Sierra laughs and says that Douche was exposed as a liar at camp today when she called him and Debbie out for trying to align with her against Taj, Stephen, and J.T. She says she told them they were up shit's creek and she wouldn't ally with them, but Douche turned around and told J.T. that she was the one trying to form an alliance with them. Sierra says she's happy to have proven that someone who claimed he could change this game and make it honest is just as much of a scheming liar as everyone else.

Probst turns back to Douche and asks him about this. Douche says he is not a coward or a liar, but he'll give Sierra the benefit of the doubt that she's not lying. Instead, he thinks, in her "warped mind, she thinks she's telling the truth." You know how they say whoever smelt it, dealt it? Yeah. I'm pretty sure that Douche is talking about himself here. And I'm kind of amazed that he's self-aware enough to see that some people have trouble with reality, but not enough to realize that he's one of them. Everyone laughs at Douche, including Sierra. The jury looks seriously bored as Douche wraps it up that he graciously forgives Sierra for her twisted lies because of a line in the Bible where St. Stephen is being stoned to death and he, too, forgives his killers. He misquotes the line, but whatever. At least he isn't talking about Vikings this time. Sierra looks honestly horrified at the idea that Douche is now comparing himself to a saint, and then realizes this is hilarious. Douche says that he was ready to come to Tribal and ask for Sierra's apology, but instead she continues to alienate her only two friends in this game by calling them out in front of their tribe. Kind of like what he did when he called Debbie out in the front of the tribe earlier. Douche says that Sierra is the reason why this tribe has stopped trusting each other (um, no. I can think of a million other reasons) and is a girl who is acting like a five year-old having a temper tantrum. He then makes a five-year-old sulky face while Sierra continues to giggle. She's not even mad at him because she knows how ridiculous he sounds in front of everyone else.

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