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For The Lava God, Here We Go Again

Later, Chris walks by himself on the rocks as the rest of the guys talk. Asked by Brook and John P. who he thinks should go, John K. says, "Weakest link." "Chris?" someone asks. "It has to be," he answers., it doesn't, but okay. Brady, notably, says nothing. When Lea walks up, they ask him what he's thinking. John K. says that he wants to "beat those girls," so he's back on the theory of booting "the weakest link." Lea is noncommittal, saying that he wants to wait a few hours and see which way the wind is blowing, which is an interestingly frank admission that he's interested in following at this point, and not leading. In a interview, Lea claims that J.P. (which seems to be an adopted nickname now), Brook, Brady, and John (K.) told him that they needed to get rid of "the weakest link," and they seem to assume he believes that's Chris.

Lea has a little meeting with Chris, in fact, in which he tells him that he thinks the only shot that the "old people" have is to start picking off that pack of young dudes before they get too powerful. I can't believe someone has actually figured this out, rather than sitting around like bumps on logs until it's too late. That may be a first. Chris's choice for a target is J.P., whom he believes to be "too strong." Lea gets that, but points out that at least J.P. is useful, in that he's "really trying to make fire." Lea's proposal is Brook, who is presumably equally threatening while being more useless. Not a good combination. Chris agrees to take the idea to Chad. Chris then claims in an interview that there's a plan, and that he doesn't feel vulnerable "at all." I think that may be overstating the case, but whatever.

Brook and John take a walk as Brook is heard interviewing that he thinks the young "tigers" (bleh) might be targeted. John tells him that Chris is on the way out. In an interview, a surprisingly tricky Brady (well, he is an FBI guy, I guess) says that he hasn't entirely decided what to do, but that he's thinking about Chris as well as Rory, who "is on his own sheet of music" much of the time. Yeah, independent thinkers suck. Boo! The men walk single-file toward tribal council as Brady voices over that Rory isn't much of a team guy, and that "the group right now is where it's all at." Great sentence, unsurprisingly made up entirely of small words.

Golly. When we're not using volcanoes to transition, we're apparently using a skull. Because...skull! And then we are at tribal council, where the men are just arriving. They gather around the fire pit, and they're each issued a torch, which they light from the pit. "When your flame is gone," Jeff intones, "so are you." Jeff welcomes them to tribal council and starts the questioning. He asks whether anyone is willing to admit that as they saw Chris struggle so much with the balance beam, they were thinking that he was "killing [them]." Hands go up: Travis, Lea, a few others. Lea says that it was bothersome to him, because the balance beam is "so easy." What I don't like is the way he says, "All we've got to do is build a little fire, light a torch, and win, over these..." And he really sounds like he's going to say something very offensive, before he ultimately comes up with "females." Only he kind of spits it -- "FE-males." Hate that, a lot. I find that "FE-males" almost always means "I barely kept myself from saying 'bitches.'" Jeff asks if Chris was thinking, "I'm dead," but Chris denies that he was. He points out that, the first night, Rory got into a bit of a dust-up with the team (a clumsy effort to remind people before the vote that others have flaws as well), and says that Chris didn't give up on Rory just for that, so he didn't figure the team would necessarily screw him just for the balance-beam incident. Chris points out that everybody's got a way to help the team, so there's no point in assuming that you should boot a guy on such scanty evidence. Jeff asks Rory how he's fitting in, and Rory insists that it's going great, and that Lopevi is functioning "as a family, as a team." Jeff moves on to J.P., asking how close they are to "crisis mode" as a result of not having access to drinkable water when they have no fire. J.P. says it's pretty bad. When you don't have water, you get tired and get headaches and so forth. "It's taken a toll on all of us," he says.

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