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For The Lava God, Here We Go Again

Jeff now announces that there is one final thing they need to deal with, and that it's "a spiritual stone." The stone is believed to ward off evil spirits, and could give a team "a spiritual advantage." Uh...okay. Jeff tells them that as they've undoubtedly noticed, men and women are treated differently. In this case, the chief is offering only the men a chance to get the stone for themselves. And how do they get it? By retrieving it from the top of a greased pole. If they fail, the women get it. Not that the women get an equal chance to compete for it -- the women just get it. Frankly, this is irritating. These are real, genuine, flesh-and-blood women, and seeing them treated like cargo is irritating to me. I realize everyone's got a cultural filter, but this just makes me really uncomfortable -- watching them sit there, shunted off to the side.

Anyway, the chief will send up a tribe member to put the rock at the top and show the men how to climb the pole. The tribe member shimmies up the pole and puts the stone at the top. Travis explains that even though he didn't believe in the spirit stone, he still wanted it, just "so the girls wouldn't get it." I'm sorry, "git it." Lea says that when the guy was done putting the stone at the top, none of the guys was excited about being picked by the chief, because none of them wanted to be the one to crawl up to the top and then fall down. Hey, at least you're getting a chance, there, Sarge. Don't look a gift chief in the mouth.

The person who manages to get himself picked for the pole is Brady, a very, very pretty FBI agent who says that he figured the only way to get up was to do it exactly the way the other guy did. So that's what he does. The women sit there and hope that Brady will fall, which seems fair, considering that they have yet to have a fair shot at jack, but of course, it doesn't happen. The guys get the stone, so that's a nice assertion of how much of a crap the show gives about the women it has brought into this situation. You know, if this is the way the entire season plays out and this is going to be the gimmick, the way pirates were the gimmick of the Pearl Islands, then between this and Rupert's Million, this show may just do itself in. I really don't think that women find seeing other women treated like this as entertaining as I guess Burnett and Probst do, and I kind of resent having Probst lecture the women about how not being spoken to, how being made to feel less important than the pig, is just "different," and that they shouldn't be all small-minded about it.

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