They Came At Us With Spears

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For The Lava God, Here We Go Again

"I really had my heart set on finding our camp tonight," says Eliza, literally making no argument other than "But this is what I want, and that's what really matters." She claims in an interview that she was trying not to be "pushy," and so she was very relieved when others agreed with her position. When Scout sees that tide is turning against her, she agrees to push on ahead toward camp, knowing that if she doesn't, she'll be even more marked than she was when she was set as this season's Woman Of A Certain Age. The women start walking again. Which is good, because Eliza has her heart set on it.

Over at Lopevi, the guys are also looking for camp. They don't see a flag, and they, too, are starting to think they might have missed it. Rory stops the group and brings up the fact that there are nine of them, and he thinks that for all of them to be walking in a big clump like this isn't productive. He says that they've already passed some trails, and that they have no way of knowing whether one of them leads to the camp, because they're not splitting off to look. He dismisses the usefulness of "nine of us walkin' in a group like a bunch of ladies." "Like a bunch of ladies"? There's an odd, generic insult. I hardly think women hold the exclusive patent on moving in formation, provided you've ever heard of, oh, I don't know, THE ARMY. Brook makes an obnoxious interview remark about how Rory isn't going to "fit in," and that "there's one in every bunch." And...I'm so torn, because Rory really did make himself stick out there, and he certainly seems to have a prickly personality, but...I'm also so uncomfortable having the one not-white guy in the entire tribe be singled out in that general "not one of us" way on what looks to be the very first night. I'm not accusing; it's just icky. And then back during the walk, Brook weirdly states -- apparently in opposition to Rory's proposal -- that the walk is "keeping [them] busy." How would they be less busy if they broke into groups? That makes no sense. He's an idiot. Rory is outvoted, and the guys just want to keep walking, so he nods and they move on. In an interview, however, he reveals that he doesn't think the guys were engaging in "independent thought." He thinks it's clear that they could have covered more ground in other ways. As we pan in night-vision across four young, buff, studly types, Rory says something disparaging in a voice-over about the "young guys," and the dynamic begins to emerge.

The men look ahead and manage to spot their tribe flag, and they realize that they have reached their beach. There is a lot of hooting and hollering, and then they all clump up and raise their fists and pretend to like each other. Like a bunch of ladies.

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