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Jeff explains the challenge, which is a version of the old "Quest for Fire," the first challenge they ever did. Each team starts on a floating platform. The players then dive down to release a raft by unfastening two clips. They then take torches found on the raft and use them to light a series of "woks" (is that right?) found on the way back to the beach. When all the woks are lit, they drag the raft up on the beach, and then they have to pass the raft and all the team members under a low platform. After they get under the platform, they light one more wok and hit the mat. The first two tribes to finish will both win immunity. The immunity idol, predictably, is a two-part statue, because two teams win immunity. Surprisingly, Jeff feels obligated to explain what winning immunity means and what tribal council is, which...yeah, Jeff. Just get on with it. They've all explained this to their grandmothers a hundred times. The contestants all swim out to their platforms.

Just as they're about to jump in for the swim, Hatch tears off his kilt so that he's buck naked. Jenna, standing right behind him, rolls her eyes, all, "Is that necessary?" And I normally don't feel Jenna's pain, but in that situation, I do, and her expression does call for some understanding. They all dive in, with my favorite part being Jenna's careful effort to get in the water without getting a face full of Hatch ass. She's like, "He didn't even get any peanut butter!"

First to get the raft freed, surprisingly enough, is apparent underdog Chapera. Mogo Mogo is next, and Saboga is dragging out behind. CBS reported somewhere on its site, and it does appear, that part of the reason Saboga gets behind is that Rupert fails to realize the raft is already free and of course takes it upon himself to be the one to dive down and try to free it. It goes about that way for the rest of the way back to the beach -- Chapera and Mogo Mogo roughly tied, with Saboga behind. Interestingly, Jenna L. left a lot of folks with the impression that she was "sitting on the raft" while they were trying to move, but she appears to be mostly trying to keep the torch up out of the water and make sure it doesn't go out, because she is indeed the one who does most of the lighting. It might not be smart to lean on the raft like that, but I don't think her purpose was to ride rather than swim, and she's not up on it consistently, because you can see her come up and out of the water a couple of times when she goes up to light the woks. She does wind up sitting down on it right when they hit the beach, but only because she falls backwards onto it holding the torch in one hand and trying to help carry the raft with the other. She may have done a lot of other bad things, but I really don't think she ever rode or sat on the raft on purpose. At any rate, once they get to shore, the torch gets wedged at one point, and Ethan yanks it out (so at least he did that well), and then it's just everybody trying to get their rafts passed under the platform and get to the other side. The first tribe to finish is indeed little Chapera, and they enjoy their celebration. Mogo Mogo follows not long after, so it will be Saboga going to tribal council. Jeff tells Saboga that it will be their turn to vote the following night, and that somebody will have to go home.

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