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Tina Tumbles

Jeff announces that it's time to vote. And the first person to vote is Ethan. Through a toothy grin, he says, "Jenna, Jenna, Jenna. Your mouth just keeps goin' and goin' and goin'. You better be careful, or it might just bite you in that big old butt of yours." He votes for her. What a smarmy little punk, seriously. Off with his head!

Jenna votes. Jerri votes. Tina votes for Jenna. Rudy votes. Rupert votes. Jeff goes off to tally, while the castaways continue gathering water in their hands. And buffs. And shirts. Jenna shivers, so apparently it's cold, or she has a weak constitution. Or, perhaps, both. Jeff returns with the Urn of Fate. He reads the votes. Jenna. Jenna. Tina. Tina. Tina. Tina. Heh. Goodbye, Tina. Once she's gone, Jeff breaks the bad news that they're not taking the torches back with them, because they don't have fire at camp, and they ain't getting it this way. Oof, that hurts. They all leave to walk back to camp, depressed as all get out.

In her exit speech, Tina talks about how nobody wants to be the first one voted out, blah dee blah. She also insists that she didn't go in "on an equal playing ground," by which she means that she did go in on an equal playing ground, and wasn't able to convince people to ignore the things she selectively wanted them to ignore in choosing whom to vote for. Thanks, Tina. Go home, you bore me.

Next week: The need for water grows more desperate. The challenges start to take their toll. It's even killing Rupert. Rupert, for God's sake! Is there no mercy?

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