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Fang arrives at Tribal Council. I was waiting for Probst to lay into everyone, but he just gets right down to business and asks Ace if he's starting to feel the "wear and tear" after being out here for fifteen days. Ace says his clothes are getting looser. Somehow, this leads Probst to asks GC about this, and GC agrees that it's hard to be without the kind of food you're used to, and it has taken a toll on him physically and mentally. And he's starting to wonder how important it is to be out here starving, losing challenges, and dealing with people he doesn't like while missing the people back home he loves. Right, well, it's not supposed to be easy to win a million dollars. Probst asks Sugar if she's heard GC talking about home. She reminds Probst that she's only been with this tribe for, like, one afternoon, which isn't long enough to have heard much of anything. Ha! For real. She says she heard that GC wanted to go home. Probst asks GC about this. GC tells us his sob story about how he suffered growing up and didn't have the easiest life and being out here has made him realize that he's done suffering.

Sugar starts crying, for some reason. Probst asks her about that, and she says everyone probably feels this way. She misses home and hates that she finds herself turning on people and being nasty. Aw, did she and that tiki statue from Exile "Island" get in a fight? Don't worry, Sugar. I'm sure you'll have plenty of opportunities to go back there and make up with him. Unless, of course, Fang gets awesome and votes you out tonight. Probst asks Matty how it feels to hear a tribemate talk about quitting. "There's no quitting," Matty says; "you can't give yourself that option." Crystal nods. I really think the fact that millions of people would be watching this and make fun of me alone would be reason enough to stay, let alone the possibility of winning a million dollars. Also, it's embarrassing to think that Scout Cloud Lee, an old lady with an artificial knee and an artificial name, lasted longer out here than I did.

Instead of laying into GC for being a lousy quitter, Probst turns to Sugar and asks her if she's concerned about the vote tonight, since she's actually spent more time at Exile than in either the Kota or the Fang camps, which gives her very little time to get to know people or strategize. Sugar says she's sure she could be going home tonight, and she brought her bag just in case. But she doesn't look worried at all, does she? Probst asks Ken if it's frustrating knowing that Sugar keeps getting sent to the place where there's a hidden immunity idol. Ken says everyone's aware that there's a possibility that Sugar has the idol, but no one knows anything for sure.

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