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Natalie asks what Li'l Russell thinks about Mick as a threat, since he's nice. I think she's just trying to get him off her back and onto Mick's. Li'l Russell says he's in the Final Three with "the nice guy" and "the nice girl," but neither outwitted nor outplayed him. Mick interviews that Li'l Russell has some "good points," but he could have gotten where he is without Mick and Natalie. Well, maybe not without Natalie. Mick did nothing. He says he was a "trustworthy, hardworking and likeable guy," like that counts for anything in this game or is even true. He was trustworthy only because Li'l Russell somehow convinced him that it was in his best interest not to turn against him. He was likeable in that he wasn't offensive, but I don't know that I saw him make a strong bond with anyone except Jaison, and then he voted Jaison out. Mick says he got to the same place that Li'l Russell did, but they took "totally different paths" to get there. He's hoping the jury will like the path he took better and vote for him.

Meanwhile, Li'l Russell is swinging in the hammock being insufferable. More than usual, even. "Don't make me make you look stupid in front of the jury. This game ain't over, girl. I'll put you in the jury!" I can't tell if he's saying this stuff to psych her out or because he honestly believes it and can't keep his mouth shut or both. "Ease up. Geez," Natalie says. I guess she figures she can finally stand up to Li'l Russell now that he can't turn against her and vote her out for it like he did to every other woman. Natalie interviews that Li'l Russell might be trying to make her and Mick feel like there's no point to them trying to beat him in front of the jury, but she plans to fight for the win regardless. She just won't advertise that fact to Li'l Russell, and thus he probably won't expect it from her. Neither will I, though, to be honest. Natalie says she's going to point out that she couldn't have played like Li'l Russell did, because the aggressive girls were the first to be voted out of Foa Foa. So her strategy was to be nice and inoffensive and let Li'l Russell do the dirty work, which he was all too happy to do and take full credit for. She reaped the benefits of his scheming while playing the best possible social game.

Li'l Russell announces who he thinks he's getting votes from: Shambo, Dave Ball, Brett, John, and Erik. All men except for Shambo. "I am another millionaire," he says. I still don't think he's a millionaire the first time. Real millionaires don't brag like that and can keep their mouths shut about it if they have to. Mick and Natalie just stay quiet and let him speak. He thinks they're both just rolling over and giving him the win, but he doesn't really know what goes on in people's heads. He could probably make a good educated guess, though. I can't believe I had to watch this guy all season and now I have to watch him win.

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