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Shambo goes next. "Hi guys," she says with that giant smile plastered to her face. And yet, despite her efforts not to appear bitter, she then goes off on a bitter rant, "apologizing" to America for destroying Galu (way to take all the credit there, Shambo) to prop up Foa Foa. Um, thanks for the apology, Shambo? Accepted, I guess? She sets her sights on Mick and asks if he'd agree with her that his overall gameplay was "feckless." John laughs as Mick admits he doesn't know what feckless means, although he says it in a way that suggests that he's not sure the word even really exists and isn't just a figment of Shambo's imagination. Actually, Mick, feckless is indeed a word, although I had to hit the dictionary to make sure Shambo was using it correctly. And she was! Looks like Shambo's luxury item was an SAT Verbal prep book. "I'm done with you," Shambo says, as Mick laughs at her because he thinks she's unimportant. She then turns to Natalie and says she reminds her of a word that starts with the letter "C." "Can ya finish it?" she asks Natalie, who is probably thinking of the same word I am and thus declines. Oh, but it turns out that Shambo meant "coattails." Natalie says she came into this game the most "ill-equipped" to play it but managed to make it to the end, thanks to the fact that she quickly figured out that the aggressive girls were being taken out first and she would have to play the coattail-rider role to make it anywhere. "I'm calling just major BS on your sense that you just hit me, I'm like cracking up inside, like you have no idea," Shambo says, no longer making any sense. Meanwhile, I don't know that what Natalie said was major BS. In fact, I think it was a good description of why she played the game the way she did and how her own style of gameplay did, ultimately, prove successful for her. I'm starting to see Natalie in a new light. With that, Shambo announces that she will not be voting for Mick or Natalie, but "thanks for playing." They thank her right back because by endorsing Li'l Russell, Shambo has no doubt secured them a few votes.

Brett comes up and he looks even more on the cusp of puberty than ever now that he's cleaned up a bit. He asks Mick what he would do with him if they were to go on a "bro-date." Mick doesn't know what he means by that. Between feckless and bro-date, Mick really needs to expand his vocabulary. Brett explains that it's nothing sexual, and Mick responds that he'd wake Brett up by whispering sweet nothings in his ear. The jury laughs (except for Erik, who, like me, is sitting there going "WTF?") and Mick continues that they'd "check out the news and grab some eats" and do generic guy things like talk about girls and sports. Brett explains that he asked this question to find out just how well Mick really got to know him while they were camp together. That's actually kind of clever. He doesn't say what Mick's answers revealed (although I'm guessing they revealed that Mick knows nothing about Brett, who doesn't seem like the kind of guy who would enjoy any of the things Mick described on his fantasy bro-date), nor does he apparently have any questions for anyone else.

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