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Dave Ball has been looking bitter on the jury, so let's see what he has to say. He looks like he's about to rip the Final Three some new ones, but then simply asks them what they think their chances are tonight. Mick: "maybe 25%, 20%." Natalie: "30-40%." Dave Ball makes sure to warmly congratulate her and say she did a "great job," clearly showing who he's in favor of tonight (and of course he is, because Natalie is a hot blonde and Dave Ball is kind of a letch) before Li'l Russell answers: "55%," down from the "much larger percentage" he was imagining coming into this. Way to play humble, Li'l Russell. I guess Li'l Russell has seen this show before and knows how much jurors hate humble. They really want to be reminded of the fact that the guy who cost them a million dollars is patting himself on the back about it and smiling in the face of their loss. That's what they vote for.

Oh, good. We get to hear from Laura one last time. She asks Li'l Russell what he "learned" about her that enabled him to beat her. Uh... that she treated Shambo like shit and Shambo was looking for any way to get back at her for it, even if it meant destroying her own tribe? How about that? Li'l Russell smartly tries to play to her ego, saying he realized immediately that she was "the biggest threat" in Galu. Laura shakes her head slightly and looks like she's about to cry. What's her problem? He says that if he hadn't gotten rid of her, she'd probably be in the Final Three. That's apparently enough for Laura, so she sits down.

John asks Mick for the "hard sell" on why he should vote for him tonight. Mick says "you're not gonna find a better, more solid guy up here" and he doesn't think it's worth a million dollars to treat people "like pawns." He says it's not how he lives his life and it's not how he played this game. No, he let someone else do it and happily reaped the rewards. Mick "concludes" his "argument" by saying he's a "stand-up dude." Since this show is called Most Stand-up Dude, Mick's point is truly a valid one. John has a different question for Natalie. He says he values her strategy of getting to the end via Li'l Russell, but now wants her to win this thing on her own. Natalie says she didn't exactly ride Li'l Russell's coattails, but was "smart enough to see" that she had to appear to do so to keep from getting voted out by Li'l Russell. As soon as she saw aggressive females being targeted, she realized she'd have to be passive. Lo and behold, she was the only female on Foa Foa to make it to the merge, and now she's in the end. She makes sure to mention that she killed a rat, so she's not completely helpless. John interrupts Natalie to say that she is saying the right things here and illuminating her strategy for a jury that was looking for a reason to vote for her.

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