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Erik is the last to speak. He doesn't have any questions. He addresses Mick first, saying that his tribe elected him to be their leader and he never saw Mick do anything to "deserve" it. Well, they elected him based on looks alone and the title was meaningless and stupid anyway, so who cares? Besides Erik. And the dead Russell. "You did nothing," Erik says, and blames Mick for Foa Foa's suckiness at challenges. Erik turns to Li'l Russell next and says he played an "unethical" game and admittedly so. But it got him to the end, while Erik acknowledges that he's just a jury member. Erik says he's never been in a situation where someone got to the right place "the wrong way," and not only did Li'l Russell do that, but he's also proud of it. Has Erik never seen this show before? Why is he so surprised? This happens like every season! And what makes him think that he's so ethical and honest when he was ready to backstab his tribemate Monica only for her alliance to get him first? I think Erik's biggest problem, really, is that Li'l Russell is "proud of it." And that's a problem for many people on the jury. Li'l Russell has every right to own the way he played this game and the fact that he played it better than everyone on the jury. He can be proud of it. But on the inside. It's not good gameplay, jury-wise, for them to see your huge ego when they're all waiting for you to grovel and beg for their votes. You took their power away and they want to get it back tonight and you're supposed to indulge them. Tell the camera how awesome you are in interviews, then suck it up and be humble and sorry in front of the jury. That's how you win.

Erik then turns to Natalie and says that people may call her "weak" and "undeserving," but he doesn't see why those characteristics are considered "less admirable" than Li'l Russell's strategy of lying, cheating, and stealing. "Why does [Li'l Russell] get a free pass, but [Natalie's] 'wrong way of playing' is admonished?" Erik asks, then directly addresses the jury and says "perception is NOT reality!" And the reality according to Erik is that Natalie got to the Final Three just like Li'l Russell did. He concludes that Natalie is probably the first person to say that she's the least deserving of the win, and maybe, in this environment of "arrogance" (Li'l Russell) and "delusional entitlement" (Mick), that makes her the most deserving. He's voting for Natalie and hopes she gets four more to win it. Natalie's just like, "thanks!" Then she wipes away a tear to look extra sweet and unassuming.

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