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Li'l Russell tells Natalie that if Brett wins today, Mick and Jaison will be gunning for her. "Okay. Well, that sucks," Natalie says. Don't try to do anything about it, Natalie. Just hope and pray and everything will be fine, I'm sure. Natalie interviews that her strategy in this game was to be an underestimated underdog and "glide through," which has gotten her far but could now be her undoing. Li'l Russell says he's going to "go for it" in this immunity challenge and beat Brett. Natalie doesn't promise to do the same, because she's given up all hope of winning anything now that it's obvious that this show is only doing physical challenges she doesn't have much of a chance at beating the men in. In an interview, Li'l Russell is his usual confident self, saying people shouldn't be so scared of Brett's immunity wins because Jaison also won two immunities in a row and he sucks. Meanwhile, Li'l Russell can talk because he won... uh... zero individual immunity challenges. "He's no Mike Tyson," Li'l Russell says. "He's Brett."

The Final Five walk into the immunity challenge. Prost greets them with his most smirky tone of voice and asks Li'l Russell if it's "the Foa Foa four" against Brett. Li'l Russell says it is. Probst asks Brett if that scares or motivates him. Brett says it's the latter. Probst explains the challenge: contestants must run through an obstacle course consisting of a cargo net and a balance beam, grab a bag of puzzle pieces, and race back and climb a steep incline to a platform where they will solve the puzzle. The first person to do so wins immunity. That's right: they're only going through the obstacle course once. Just like they only played T-ball once. And threw one rock at those tiles a few immunity challenges back. Apparently, no one wants to bother filming challenges this season and thus have decided to make them as brief as possible.

The challenge begins! Li'l Russell and Natalie make it to the bags first but are closely followed by the other three. Li'l Russell is the first to start heading back, but everyone is pretty close behind. Probst calls out what everyone's doing except for Brett, who we barely see during this challenge just like we've barely seen him the entire season. Li'l Russell easily makes it up his platform and begins the puzzle, with the other four seemingly close behind. And then, puzzles are assembled. Li'l Russell appears to be the furthest along, but it's hard to tell since they don't really show everyone's at the same time. We do know, though, that Jaison has sucked out loud at puzzles in the past and this challenge will be no exception. And then Mick's appears to be the closest with just a few pieces left. Suddenly, we see Brett's puzzle and it's almost done! Oh no! He won't win again, will he? I didn't think he had a chance... and then he's done! He wins immunity again! Ahahahahahaha! The Foa Foa four forgot one thing in their master plan: they suck at challenges. "Yeah," Brett says. I guess that's his celebration voice? As Probst awards the necklace to Brett, we see that Mick and Li'l Russell were close enough to be able to complete their puzzles in the meantime. Jaison, on the other hand, still isn't even close. On their way out, Brett interviews that after tonight, he'll finally get to see an original Foa Foa member on the jury, something he's been "trying" to do for a long time. Except that he wasn't trying, really.

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