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The five arrive at Tribal Council. Enter the jury, with Shambo greeting the people who voted her out with a big smile because she's oblivious. And not wearing a bra, which explains the triangularness of her boobs. Let this be a lesson to the ladies out there: wear your support undergarments! Probst says that someone from Foa Foa is finally, definitely going home tonight. Jaison says he thought someone would beat Brett for the immunity necklace, but no. Natalie says their dilemma right now is either to keep the strongest people in the game to have the best chance at beating Brett in the next challenge or to vote out the second-biggest jury threat even though he might be the physically strongest person they have. Jaison adds that there are people in the Final Five who could earn a lot of jury votes besides Brett, so it might be a good idea to get rid of another jury threat tonight while they have the chance. Yeah, OR you could vote out freaking Li'l Russell, who isn't helping win immunity challenges against Brett and is a jury vote threat since he's the only person who did anything in this game. But no one thought of that, so it's not on the table. I can't wait to be rid of this season and its horrible, horrible cast.

Probst says there are many different layers of decision-making going on with so few people left in the game. Um, what? That's not true. I see only two layers, although they've been shoved down our throats like ten times by now simply due to the fact that there's nothing else going on to show us. Mick, of course, thinks the strongest players should stay in the game to take out Brett. Probst finally talks to Brett, asking him if he was "sandbagging" past challenges so as not to appear as a threat, only to turn it on when it was needed. Brett says the challenges happened to play to his strengths and the fact that he knew if he lost he'd be out probably gave him an edge. Probst asks him how awesome it was to be in camp today knowing there was nothing to worry about. Brett SHOCKS Probst by saying he'd rather have Foa Foa's stress than an immunity win. Probst acts like Brett is a moron, but what he said makes perfect sense: he'd rather be in a four-way majority alliance than have to rely on winning four immunity challenges in a row. Li'l Russell points out that Brett shouldn't be too worried about winning four immunity challenges since he's playing against Foa Foa, and they are notoriously horrible at this stuff. Erik laughs out loud. "We still gettin' beat by Galu, but only one of 'em is here," Li'l Russell says.

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