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And then it's time for Shambo. Brett says that Foa Foa owe their lives in this game to her. Natalie agrees. Li'l Russell stays quiet because he can't bring himself to give credit to anyone but himself. Shambo cries about how her tribe treated her terribly and she was a victim and that was an "eye-opening experience." "Lift people up. Don't tear 'em down," she says. I agree, although I'm really not sure how much tearing down Galu really did to Shambo and how much of it is in her head and part of her obvious victim complex. [Also, is Survivorthe place to go to be elevated by others? If someone is lifting you up, they're likely planning to pull the ladder out from under you. - Zach] And finally, there's Jaison. Mick says good things about Jaison, and that they'll soon be voting for him for senator. Since Barack Obama became president, black people becoming politicians is the new "he's so well-spoken." Jaison says he's proud that he didn't quit this horrible experience and he's stronger than he thought. With that, the four throw the fallen contestants' name plates and masks in the fire pit and we watch them stand around it with their hands on their hips from different angles for like ten minutes.

Finally, the last immunity challenge. Probst explains: each player has a small wooden figure and a stick with a platform on it for the figure to stand on. Every two minutes, they must add another foot-long segment to the pole, thus making it harder and harder to balance the figure on the platform. If your figure falls, you're out, and the last person wins immunity. The contestants place their statues and begin. Soon, they have 30 seconds to "add another section of pole," as Probst says. Heh heh heh. This requires reaching over to the table, grabbing a section, fitting it in "the slot" and moving both hands at or below the white line at the bottom of the above pole section. All contestants do this successfully a few times in a montage until they're at five feet and Mick loses his statue while using one hand to fetch another pole section. So the guy they took with them because he was their best chance at beating Brett is out first. Natalie is out right behind him, also unable to keep her pole still during the transition. Which means... BRETT MIGHT ACTUALLY HAVE A CHANCE! That's so boring for the rest of the episode, and yet it would be kind of great to watch Li'l Russell's game go down in flames. Mick and Natalie can only watch (and in Natalie's case, pray) that Li'l Russell will win this for them. Brett gulps visibly like a cartoon character. Probst smirks. Li'l Russell is focused.

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