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Jesus Hates Matt

Probst congratulates his little golden boy Matt on his consecutive victories before tossing him a new buff and pointing out that it's black. He has eleven more black buffs where that came from, too, as he announces that they have, in fact, merged. Buffs are put on and the players shake hands and hug each other like they aren't all about to try to vote each other out. Probst has two more surprises for the group: they're going to an entirely new beach and Redemption Island isn't done yet. Yes, that's right: whoever is voted out at the next Tribal Council will go to Redemption Island and get a chance to come back to the game, even though it will probably be like three quarters of the way over by that point. But I guess this is their little safety net just in case Rob gets voted out. Probst warns Matt that he may very well find himself back on Redemption Island again, and you can see Rob's face just light up at the idea. Matt begs the contestants not to do that, then interviews about how happy he is to finally be back in the game and what a potential advantage his Redemption Island stay is for him, as he heard from six different people what was going on in the game in both tribes. And I'm sure he'll use that information to his advantage.

The new tribe arrives on its new beach to find the traditional merge feast waiting for them. This pleases everyone, as usual, and they sit down to eat things Steve can't even pronounce, like prosciutto. They then set about coming up with a new tribe name, and someone asks if anyone knows any good Spanish names. Rob suggests "Murlonio," saying it means "from the sea, united." Rob then interviews gleefully that Murlonio doesn't mean anything to anyone except him and Amber, as it's the name of the "ringleader" of her "bunch of stuffed animals." Because Amber is six, apparently. Since no one else on the new tribe knows the least bit of Spanish, they all think Murlonio is a beautiful name with a beautiful meaning and agree to call themselves that. And Rob is very pleased with his fake name like it hasn't been done several times before on this show at this point.

The Murlonio men set about building a new shelter. Matt asks Grant why he was voted out, and Grant, who has no doubt been coached by Rob, says they were "paranoid about Kristina" and that Matt would align with her and flip on them. Meanwhile, Mike waits for a chance to talk to Matt and hopefully win him over to his tribe. Unfortunately, he notes, Matt seems to be very close to Andrea, as the two have seemingly resumed their close bond. While a spider spins its web in fast motion, Mike finally gets his shot and takes a walk with Matt. He tells him that if Rob has his way, everyone on Zapato will be taken out, followed by Matt, Andrea, and Phillip. Mike says that makes Matt and Andrea crucial swing votes, except for the fact that I haven't seen any evidence that Andrea is going to flip to another tribe for Matt's sake. He says he's willing to trust them both to team up with his tribe in exchange for a Final Four promise, even if it means voting out a member of his own tribe before Matt and Andrea. Because nothing says trustworthy like telling someone you're willing to turn against your old allies to win the support of a new one. Matt nods, then interviews that now that he's back in this game, he wants to stay there, and that means doing something instead of waiting around like last time. Mike tries to sweeten the pot by claiming that he has "access" to an immunity idol and would be willing to give it to Matt if he needs it. Matt says this all sounds good, but he has to talk to Andrea before he can promise anything.

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