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Jesus Hates Matt

Meanwhile, Rob listens in on the Bible study, but has nothing to add to it. He mutters to Natalie that it's in his and his alliance's best interest that he talk Jesus with Matt, but he doesn't know what he would say. Natalie giggles. Rob interviews that there's a "Christian Coalition brewing" in his new tribe, and while he has nothing against religion and God, he has a serious problem with other people bonding with each other over a shared interest. Unless, I'm guessing, that shared interest is Rob and how awesome he is. "I want that broken up," he says. His first target: Mike.

The tribe arrives at their first individual immunity challenge. Probst does his little show of revealing the new individual immunity necklace, which gets a ridiculous special effect twinkle and a close-up so that we may all marvel at the fake gold paint and not-quite-jade inlay. There are no sharp objects on the necklace this season, so I guess they blew the budget on the Redemption Island arena and couldn't spend three cents on some plastic cocktail swords like usual. Probst describes the challenge: each contestant will have to balance on the long end of a log while also balancing a tray -- excuse me, a "wooden disk" -- in one hand. Small balls will be added to the wooden disk every fifteen minutes, and if you fall off the log, drop the disk, or a ball falls off the disk, you are out of the challenge. Last person standing wins immunity.

The contestants get into position on their logs and put one ball on their disks to begin the challenge. Phillip has trouble immediately, as he wobbles on the log, but he is able to channel his inner Samurai warrior and right himself. "I'm impressed," Probst says. "I got rhythm, baby," Phillip can't help but reply. Also, I notice he is now wearing a Rambo/Samurai headband for challenges. He is out-Coaching Coach. Now I'm impressed. Just as the first round is winding down, Julie loses her balance and is the first out of the game. The rest get to add a second ball to their disks. Despite Ashley's years of heard work at basketball and beauty pageants, she is unable to keep her two balls still and they quickly separate and leap off opposite ends of the disk. David's puzzle-solving skills, of which we have no actual evidence, don't help him and he is the third out. Just as Ralph is having trouble keeping his balls from falling, Probst announces that the round is over and it's time to add the third and final ball.

The remaining contestants release their third balls as the wind starts to blow. Andrea is the next to go, and she is pissed about it. Then Grant is out, followed by Matt and, quickly, Rob and Phillip. "EVERYBODY GET YOUR COMPOSURE!" Probst screams at the remaining four contestants. He claims that he's "impressed" by how long Mike, Steve, Natalie, and Ralph have lasted so far, but we all know he's annoyed because he likes it when the challenges are over as quickly as possible and he is done working for the day. Ralph's balls start to wander off his disk, so he whistles and calls to them as if they were chickens. They are not, so they fall. Probst tells Steve and Natalie that they seem to have no chance against Mike, who has been "like a statue" this entire game, and then Steve falls off the log and out of the challenge. This leaves only Mike and Natalie in the game. Clearly, Natalie has some waitressing experience in her past that has given her an advantage in this challenge. Mike's balls are so still on his disk that a fly lands on one. "There's a fly on Mike's ball," Julie mutters, which the editors loved so much that they made sure to caption it for us to make sure we all heard it, too. Just when it looks like Natalie is done for, though, Mike apparently loses his balance and steps off the log. Natalie wins, much to the surprise of seemingly everyone, including her. As the tribe heads back to camp, Mike reminds us that his only hope is that Matt will turn against the people who voted him out.

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