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Jesus Hates Matt

Back at camp, Mike pretends to be happy for Natalie's win, then interviews that he was very close to winning and certain it was his, but then "it didn't come out right." So now, he figures, he's Onomatopoeia's target tonight. He informs Steve and Julie that he doesn't think the other tribe will go after them yet, as they don't see them as threats. He says it's either Ralph or him tonight, then asks Ralph if he'll give him his idol tonight. Even though he just said he thinks Ralph might be in danger. Ralph says he'll give him the idol if he has to. With that, Mike says he thinks they should vote for Grant, because Rob and his tribe will be expecting them to vote for Rob. As long as they get Matt's vote, Mike says, they'll be okay tonight.

But they won't be able to tell Matt any of that, as he is sitting on a cliff with Rob. Matt is so happy to have people around to talk to again that he can't shut up, and he tells Rob about Mike's Final Four offer to him and Andrea, and how Matt briefly considered it before deciding to stick with his original tribe. Rob thanks him for his loyalty and shakes his hand, then interviews that after Matt had the "audacity" to consider voting Rob out of this game and the "stupidity" to tell Rob this, he has decided that he can't trust Matt and that, therefore, Matt will be going back to Redemption Island. Oh my god. He wouldn't! So mean! But, now that I think about it, of course he would. Rob has probably been planning to send Matt back to Redemption Island since the second Probst told them it was still in this game. Rob knows that this will be incredibly entertaining for the viewers at home to watch, so that's what he's going to do. And it will be.

Stupid Matt is still talking, now telling Rob all about the plan he came up with to blindside him out of the game and how relieved he is that he decided not to go through with it. Andrea approaches, and Matt tells her that he just "came clean" to Rob and told him all the stuff they were planning to do to him. Andrea is just like " ... shit." Andrea interviews that Matt was the one who came up with all this stuff (which, you'll remember, she wasn't totally set on doing in the first place), and now he's getting her in trouble with Rob and possibly screwing her over. And that is how Matt sabotaged his chances with the tribe he insists on re-joining even though they voted him out once and alienated his only real ally at the same time. With that, the three discuss who to vote for tonight. Rob wants Mike, but Matt says he'll probably get an idol from Ralph, so they should go for Steve instead. Rob agrees to this because he has no intention of voting for Steve or Mike, so it really doesn't matter.

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