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Palau, Right In the Kisser

We watch as the happy, happy Koror tribe paddles toward its beach in its canoe, flush with victory, anxious to bask in the glow of fire. Katie says that indeed, they were "so excited" after the challenge as they were heading back. And then, as they're paddling, sort of at random it seems, they...tip over. Yep. Right into the drink. They claim that it was a wave that put them over, but it didn't look like it was that devastating a wave. I think the outrigger was a bit harder than it looked, and that they probably weren't being quite as careful as they should have been. The tragedy, of course, is that their fire supplies were in a heavy steel box that immediately went directly to the bottom. Ian dives to see if he can spot the fire box, but for now, nothing doing. Tom has a bitter chuckle over how "crushed" they are at the moment. He says that because they left the old beach, they're actually in a worse position than before, survival-wise. Of course, they're still not going to tribal council, so there's that.

A dejected Ulong returns to its beach in its canoe, undoubtedly feeling pretty low. Angie interviews that they lost because they didn't pick smart -- she thinks Koror was right just to take the fire with them. Once they're situated and chopping coconuts, Jolanda rants that they can eat coconuts for thirty-nine days if they need to, so she's "not going to allow anyone to be negative." That is not a good strategy right there, I'll tell you that much. Angie interviews that she thinks she's vulnerable, due to her position as a potential "weak link." I find the dragonfly tattoo between her breasts very distracting, partly because I can't look at it without going, "Ow."

Jolanda takes a walk with Ibrehem and Bobby Jon, and she explains that she thinks that for physical stuff, she's stronger than most of the guys on Koror. These three are indeed, just as Angie feared, talking about an Angie boot. No kindred feelings! Jolanda interviews that Angie has to go for the sake of the strength of the team. Jolanda talks to Stephenie about this matter, and about the fact that they certainly can't give up any of their boys. Boys are important! Stephenie agrees that Jolanda's strength is a plus, but also tells Jolanda straight-up that they should have left earlier with less stuff during the challenge, and she's unhappy that they didn't. Jolanda somewhat grudgingly agrees, the better to keep Stephenie in line. Stephenie says that she guesses she'll vote out Angie. Stephenie then interviews that she's nervous about going to tribal council, and that she's mad that they made a stupid mistake that put them in this position. She also makes it clear that she blames Jolanda for the loss. After telling Jolanda she'll vote against Angie, Stephenie takes her Jolanda-blaming routine to Bobby Jon, but he tells her that he's not going to vote Jo off, because she's got too much strength. As previously stated, he's going with the Angie vote.

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