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Palau, Right In the Kisser

Probst sends them off to vote. Jolanda votes for Angie, saying that she's just too darn weak. Steph votes. Jeff votes. Ashlee votes, Bobby Jon votes, Kim votes, James votes. Ibrehem votes. Angie votes for Jolanda. "It's nothing personal," she says, "but it's either you or I, and I don't want it to be me." Wow, that's awesome, pronoun-wise. Probst heads off to tally. When he returns, he reminds them all of the rule about fleeing the tribal council area promptly, or you will be chased by dogs. First vote goes to Angie. Next vote Jolanda. Angie. Angie. Jolanda. Jolanda. Tied at 3-3. Jolanda. And...Jolanda. So we've got one vote we will never see. Jolanda gets up, wishes the team well, and leaves. Probst tells the team to "stop with the excuses and get a plan," tells them they have to earn fire on their own, and sends them out. All in all, not an entirely unpromising season premiere, especially compared to last time.

Next week: Rats. Storms. Flint-hunting. And canoodling, canoodling, canoodling! You won't want to miss it.

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