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Last Dance With Merry Jane

Probst asks Dan if he's going to vote for Holly like Jane says. Dan says that would "make sense," but doesn't exactly commit to doing so. Jud says something similar, that that makes sense but not that he's definitely going to do it. Probst then turns to Holly, who has shown remarkable restraint in not kicking him in the balls yet, and asks if she's as comfortable now as she was when Tribal Council began. Of course, Holly says she's nervous now. As for Chase, he's confused and says "I don't know what the hell's going on right now, honestly." He is stupid, but I don't blame him for being confused when he, Sash, and Holly did everything they're supposed to in the game only for the fucking host and producer to change everything up on them because it's in his best interests to keep this show interesting and not have a powerful alliance steamrolling over everyone. Way over the line, Probst. I gave this entire episode a "D" just because of how disgusted I was with Probst's behavior.

They vote. We don't see how anyone votes. Probst returns with the urn and asks if Sash and Chase would like to play their idols. Chase or Sash should just give an idol to Holly to ensure that if the other three did vote for her, she wouldn't be in danger of leaving and their alliance would stay intact. But they don't. They play their idols for themselves. Probst reveals three votes for Jane, as expected. And then ... a fourth vote for Jane. Ha! Sorry, Probst, but your attempt to run this game did not succeed. Probst snuffs Jane's torch and she does not try to kill anyone or threaten any lives, surprisingly enough. "Y'all have fun," she simply says, and if she hadn't pulled all that other shit before, she'd be leaving with dignity. But she did, so she doesn't. As she walks through the graveyard, we get a shot of Marty just now realizing that Jane being voted out means that he's stuck with her in the loser's lodge. He is not happy.

Oh, and Jane keeps it classy in her farewell speech, saying that everyone sucks and she lost all respect for Holly (she had plenty of respect for her when Holly destroyed Dan's shoes, mind you, but lost that respect and thought she should be called out on it when she was mad at Holly) and blah blah blah sore loser. We also see that everyone voted for Jane except for Jane, who voted for Sash for reasons that were edited out of the show.

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