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Last Dance With Merry Jane

Chase and Connie come forward. "Good work out there, Mom," Probst says. "I like to play games," Connie says. Probst says they can pick another pair to join them. Chase totally hates this stuff and is terrible at it, but this time he actually comes through and picks Sash as promised. Dude, Charlie is not happy about this at all. Either that, or he just ate like 10 lemons. It's kind of hard to tell with Charlie's face. Did he recently shave his long-time moustache or something? He just seems so unaware of how to use his upper lip. But then! Probst says Chase can bring another pair with him! Because it just wouldn't be an episode without Chase going back on his word, he screws Jud over and picks Holly. I would have done the same, though, just because Charlie is so scary-looking over there. If he hadn't picked Holly, Charlie would have murdered him on the spot. Loudly. Matthew is not happy about this. "He's a scumbag," he mutters to Dan. "Don't worry about it," Dan says. "He is," Matthew says. Chase asks Probst what happens to everyone else's loved one. "They will be taken and executed," Probst says. No, that's Chase who will be executed. By Matthew. Point blank kill shot to the head. Matthew is probably using the Product Placement phone to order the hit right now. Probst wants to make everyone feel awful, so he points out that Jud looks really upset. Jud says he is, as he doesn't get to see his mother very much back home so it means a lot to see her now. "I'm so sorry, man," Chase says. Jud doesn't care. He says Chase knows that Jud would have taken him if he had the chance because he knows how much Chase's mother means to him, and Chase knows how much Jud's mother means to him. "Shhh," Jud's mother says soothingly. Aw, such a mother! With that, Probst tells Ashley, Matthew, and Anne to get the fuck out of here. Anne inspires her son once more with encouraging words, telling him to "get [his] head in the game" and that they'll have plenty of time together when he comes home in just a few days.

While the winners head out with in a slo-mo walk of victory, the losers return to camp. And they are very bitter. Jud wonders why Chase always picks Holly for rewards. Dan says it's obvious that Chase thinks she's useful and Jane, Dan, and Jud are not. "He has no allegiance to us. He's done with this three," Dan says. Dan is taking a stand! Dan came to play!! FINALLY! And then, nothing. Jane stays silent and Jud keeps whining about how Chase broke his promise and "straight up lied" to him. Jud, if you're going to continue to be surprised when people lie to you, then I'm going to have serious doubts about your intelligence again. Especially if you aren't going to do anything about it when they do lie to you. Dan steps up and says that Chase should have given the reward to Jane, and Jane finally speaks up. She says that Ashley is going to college in the fall, so Jane gave up her last summer with her daughter to be on the show. Apparently, Ashley is going to a college that doesn't have a summer break. "He made a million dollar decision today," she says. "To lose it," Dan says. Jane nods.

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