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Last Dance With Merry Jane

As much as we know Dan loves his son, he's still interviewing that it was wrong of Chase not to pick Jane for the rewards and he was a douche(blur) for doing it. We can't say douchebag on CBS? Really? But wasn't everyone so pissed off when Chase picked Jane last time? And now they're angry when he doesn't pick her? I don't understand. "It was disgusting," Dan says. I think this is the most emotional we've ever seen him except for when his son was there. He is more upset on Jane's behalf than he ever was when Holly ruined his shoes and NaOnka stole the flour. Jane is also upset, it seems, that Chase promised Jud he would take him, although I don't know if she's mad because Chase broke his promise to Jud or that Chase promised Jud anything in the first place. Probably the latter. I don't see Jane giving a shit about someone else being screwed over like Dan was for her. Apparently, Jane was extra upset because her daughter decided to inform her that her 16-year-old dog died. Why would she do that? No one in that family seems to be to keep a lid on bad things that happened to them. Jane interviews that it looks like she's at the bottom of the totem pole in her alliance. Of course she is! She always has been! Did she really think that Chase, Holly, and Sash were playing to give her the million dollars? I think she did, actually. Like no one has ever died in Chase, Holly, or Sash's family and they've never needed money. Only Jane struggles, so only Jane should win. If you aren't playing and sacrificing and struggling through this game to help her win a million dollars, then you are evil like Marty.

After the umpteenth shot of that whale swimming alongside its baby, we head over to happier times with happier people. The contestants and loved ones sail up to a platform full of food and dig in. Holly says the food was especially good because she's pretty sure that this was the last food reward challenge and thus the last non-rice meal she'll have until Day 37. What? Aw, that means no auction. Damn it! I love the auction. I'll bet the other Kelly and NaOnka's quitting messed up the schedule so they had to get rid of it this season. Now I hate Kelly and Naoanka even more. Holly and especially Sash thank Chase for taking them along, as Sash hasn't had a food reward in like two weeks. While the loved ones sit back and watch from the sidelines (I wouldn't want to sit at the table with three starving people, either. Best not to get in the way. You'll lose a finger), Chase proposes a toast to the Final Three. He says he just lost Jud's jury vote, which is a smart thing of him to say, actually, because it probably makes him look all the more appealing to take to the end. I don't think that was Chase's intention, but still. Chase says he could have picked people that would get him jury votes, but instead he went with the people he wants to take to the end. I don't know that bringing Jud or Jane along would have earned him any jury votes from them, but not taking Jud after promising he would probably lost him one. Why does he make these promises? I don't get it. If he knows he has a problem with keeping them and they turn people against him, why not just either not promise people anything or, better yet, not win the reward challenges? That way he can make all the promises he wants and never have to worry about keeping them. Chase interviews that he picked Holly over Jud because he wants to "keep [her] close," and possibly not give her a chance to go back to camp and plot against him.

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