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Last Dance With Merry Jane

And now, Jane is sulking in the shelter. Sash sits next to her, but she tells him not to look at her. Meanwhile, the music playing during this scene is hilarious. So ominous and foreboding with death bells tolling all over the place. Jane then makes disparaging remarks about Sash's mother and how she is nothing like her after all, because Leigh raised her son to be a liar and a cutthroat. Hey, Jane? Are you forgetting about how you caught that fish and ate it without sharing? How is that okay but this isn't? I hate hypocrites. The fact that Jane is crazy doesn't excuse her. And does she really think that behaving like this is going to help her cause at all? It makes her look like a crazy old lady to the audience watching at home who can vote to give her $100,000 and it just convince Chase, Sash, and Holly -- who didn't seem to be 100% sold on voting Jane out -- that she needs to get out of their camp ASAP. Stupid. Jane sobs that she's proud of how she played this game, then threatens that we will see "the wrath of Jane" tonight. Because putting people on guilt trips and flipping them off and criticizing their family members is something to be proud of, but lying to your ally, which everyone does and is expected of anyone who plays this game -- that's wrong and shameful.

The wrath of Jane begins a bit early as she dumps a bucket of water on the fire without warning Dan ahead of time, thus splashing him and giving him a face full of steam/smoke. And ruining their firepit, pretty much. She throws a second pot of water on it for good measure while everyone stares in horror except for Jud, who is grinning. "I started it, I put it out," she says. Horror movie music plays over a shot of the soaked fire pit and slow motion steam rising from it. Well, this Tribal Council promises to be both awesome and awful at the same time.

Jane manages to stop herself from pouring a bucket of water on the Tribal Council firepit as she and the rest of the group file in. Actually, I surprised that she hasn't tried to set anyone on fire, either. Because she's insane and really angry and they gave her a torch. The jurors arrive, and Marty looks pleased to see Jud with immunity. Probst forgets to remind us that NaOnka and the other Kelly are horrible quitters as they enter. Instead, he asks Dan if they had a "crazy afternoon" following the immunity challenge. Dan revs up to say something, only to go with a "ah, nevermind." Probst says there's no way he's letting Dan get away with that. Dan tells Probst that Jane extinguished their fire, and Jane takes over, saying, again, that she started that fire so she had the right to put it out. Marty is greatly amused by this because he knew all along that Jane was like this. Jane asks Probst if she can just have the floor. Probst, of course, tells her to go right ahead. Holly's face says, "aw, shit. This is going to suck. So bad." "There is absolutely no loyalty in tonight's vote. It's full of liars and backstabbers," she says. Enh, that wasn't so bad. "End of story," she says. I bet it isn't, though.

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