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Russell Dies

After an overly long montage of ocean life, we go to Galu's beach, where Russell is attempting to fish. That's about it. I have a feeling we're in for a lot of filler this week.

Finally, we go to Camp Galu, where everyone is freaking miserable. Shambo hides in the shelter. The rest of the tribe cluster together under a tree like penguins and talk about how much they wish they had that tarp instead of those comfort items. John interviews that their misery is all Russell's fault, but since he was elected leader and the comfort items were his choice, that's the way it goes. Meanwhile, it can't be raining that bad, since Russell has managed to build a fire. So that should help, right? Brett interviews that Russell's hard work is "a bit unnecessary" and he went "too far." Um, what? He built a nice warm fire while you stood around doing nothing. Shut up and dry yourself off in the fire, random guy. While the rest of the tribe heads into the shelter, Russell stays with the fire and hopes that his hard work will make him look good and keep him in the game for longer. Um, has Russell ever watched this show before? Freezing, he finally heads into the shelter, only to have trouble and stumbling on his way in. FORESHADOWING. Kelly interviews that Russell is trying to do everything around camp and "pushing himself too hard." And then the fire goes out anyway. So I guess Brett was kind of right. Then again, he and Kelly are both doing these interviews with the benefit of hindsight.

Life still sucks at Foa Foa. Mick is huddled against the trunk of a tree, which is relatively dry and warm, unlike the shelter. Is there a reason why no one in the shelter is huddling together for the most efficient use of body heat, by the way? They're all just sitting there and respecting each other's personal space, which is not a good idea at a time like this. Li'l Russell eats mini-bananas and calls his tribemates "worthless" and "no good" because they don't like the rain. To his credit, he's outside working while everyone else appears to be doing nothing. He says they're afraid to get their hair wet. So basically, he is the king of this show by virtue of the fact that he's bald and fat. Congrats, Li'l Russell. He says his tribemates are lazy and wimpy, and that's why they can't win a challenge. Although it's not like the people on Galu are faring any better in this. "If you didn't throw up out there every freaking challenge, you didn't do your job. That's how I think of it," Li'l Russell says. By the way, I haven't seen him throw up after a challenge once. He did, however, vote out the only person who did throw up after a challenge last week. Also, FORESHADOWING.

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