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Russell Dies

Over at Galu, Monica takes Laura and Kelly out for a walk to loudly discuss how she's pretty sure Shambo is gunning for her tonight and wants to make sure she has their support. Except that Shambo is like five feet away when she says this so Laura and Kelly are like "SHHHHH" and then they all have to pretend to help Shambo forage for food. Laura interviews that Shambo is the obvious choice to go home tonight because no one likes her and she's had two opportunities to make friends with people on Foa Foa. Shambo talks to the girls about who they're thinking of voting out tonight. Kelly acts like she never considered it before. Shambo realizes that she's on the outs but obviously not why, and clumsily tries to campaign for them not to vote her out tonight by saying that she started fires and collected firewood and she's a "good, honest, and fair competitor." Monica says she knows that Shambo voted for her at the last Tribal Council. Shambo smirks and acts like that's a stupid reason for Monica to want to vote her out this time. Monica says she doesn't know if she's voting for Shambo. "I can't guarantee you anything," she says, which basically means she's totally voting for Shambo. "Who made you fire for you the first eight days you were here, Monica? Who kept you warm and dry and safe?" Shambo asks, like any of that matters. Also, "safe?" What is she even talking about? Safe from what? She didn't keep Russell safe from depriving himself of water. Also, if we're going to base the votes on who is doing the most for everyone around camp, I really don't think the person who lost the snorkel and a chicken is at the top of the list. Monica's like "who didn't write my name down? Everyone else in this tribe except for you!" Monica interviews that Shambo voted for her, and that makes her "the enemy." Also the fact that she's an easy target probably helps a lot.

Meanwhile, the men are trying to decide which woman to vote out. They agree that Monica is the weakest and while Shambo is ridiculous, she's helped them win challenges in the past and, perhaps most importantly, "she poses no threat to anybody," as John points out. He thinks that, come the merge, Laura and Monica will be much more dangerous to them than Shambo, who, by the way, has been to Foa Foa twice and has like a million more reasons to flip to their side after the merge than Monica and Laura would. John interviews that this might be their only chance to split up the wonder twins. I am all for this because then it'll be really easy to tell them apart. Yes, this needs to be the episode where one Russell leaves, one of the wonder twins leaves, and a blonde leaves. And then my life will be that much easier. The men seem to agree that with their votes and Shambo's, they have the numbers to take out Monica, and that's what they're going to do. I think John also called Russell "coach," which I DO NOT LIKE for reasons that should be obvious.

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