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Skupin Injury Number Twenty Billion
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Matsing returns from Tribal Council after voting out Roxy. Russell says that Roxy did what she thought she had to do, but Angie thought it was unnecessary. Angie interviews that Roxy threw her and Malcolm under the bus and it didn't work. Denise counsels that Roxy had to find any potential threat that might keep them from voting her out, so that's what she did. Russell tries to give a little pep talk about how it's not great that they only have four people, but they have four reliable people who will work hard in the challenge, so now they just need to pull together. But then Russell interviews that he thinks the Malcolm/Angie threat is real and that they will always vote together and if Denise joins up with them, Russell's in real trouble. As they sleep in the shelter that night, Malcolm and Angie snuggle together. I don't know why they all don't snuggle together, just for some extra warmth. I'd snuggle up to my worst enemy if it was the difference between "freezing your ass off" and "warm enough to sleep."

The next morning at Tandang, Abi and RC sun themselves on the beach. RC thinks they should look for the Immunity Idol, since they found the clue but don't have the Idol yet. Abi says that she just needs to relax for the day. Yeah, because Survivor is all about relaxing and getting a tan and gives days off as needed. Can you imagine having Abi as an employee? I feel like she'd take a lot of "me" days.

The problem seems to be that Abi twisted her knee a few times so she feels like she needs to rest it and get better. I don't know why RC can't just look for the Idol by herself. Abi feels like she is now a liability to her alliance, despite RC's reassurances to the contrary. RC interviews that her alliance with Abi is strong, but Abi is getting crazy paranoid. Here's the problem: Abi's a bitch. Or maybe it's a cultural difference, but she interrupts constantly and gets really defensive when called out on her bullshit and she always has to have the last word. So she and RC go at it a little bit and I'm not entirely sure what they're even fighting about until RC walks away, frustrated and then does the worst thing she could do in Abi's eyes: goes for a swim with Skupin.

So Abi goes and tells Pete that they found the Immunity Idol clue and what the clue was, despite promising RC that she wouldn't tell anyone else. Now, RC, Abi, Pete and Skupin are supposed to be in an alliance. BUT RC and Abi did agree to keep the clue news to themselves. Anyway, Pete suggests some places they could look and says that now he doesn't trust RC, since she didn't share that information within her supposed alliance. Abi doesn't defend RC in anyway. Man, RC -- watch your back. Abi is the worst kind of frenemy.

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