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Skupin Injury Number Twenty Billion

Pete takes Lisa for a walk and tells her that everyone wants to vote her out first, but he might be able to keep her around if she will agree to help him get rid of someone else. Pete interviews that he doesn't have a problem with Lisa like some of the others and she'd be someone he could easily ditch when the time comes. Lisa has no choice really, so she agrees and interviews that she'd rather blindside RC, but she has to go with the group. She adds that it's like she'd playing cards and is dealt a new hand every day, and she has to play the hand she was given. That's exactly how to play the game. You have to look at the changing landscape every day and do the best you can with what you have instead of trying to force an alliance that's not working.

What's going on with Kalabaw is what you may be wondering. Penner is complaining that his ass hurts. Dana sits down on the rice bucket and notices that the emblem is missing. Penner plays innocent. Jeff Kent goes and talks to two other tribe members whose names I don't even know yet and they decide that the emblem was the Idol and Penner has it. Jeff Kent is pissed, but not at Penner -- at himself for not even wondering about the emblem. Anyway, Jeff Kent and the two nameless tribe members decide to pretend they don't have a clue so that they can potentially vote Penner out without him playing his Idol.

It's Day 7 at Matsing and things haven't been screwed up enough for them, so now Denise notices that their raft is missing. Production gets an awesome shot of their raft floating waaaaaaaaaaay out to sea. Apparently, they just left it on the beach and not tied to anything. Dummies. Anyway, Malcolm and Denise quietly discuss that they are still tight and Malcolm's primary alliance is with her. They discuss who should be next to go home, Russell or Angie, and decide to make the decision when the time comes instead of now. Denise interviews that she wants to keep Russell for his strength in challenges. Yeah, because that's been working out so well for them thus far.

Speaking of Challenges, time for one! And the visual overview at the beginning shows a giant jellyfish in the water. I think the odds are high that if anyone gets stung, it will be Skupin, right?

Probst explains the challenge. Each tribe member dives from a platform and releases a puzzle wheel that is tied to a rope underwater. All of the wheels are tied to one rope, so people have to dive deeper and deeper to release them. Each wheel has eight sides with a letter on each side. Once all eight wheels are back on the platform, they go on a pole and the tribe has to spin them to form a word. The first tribe to form the correct word gets immunity and an elaborate fishing kit. The second tribe gets immunity and a basic fishing kit. The third tribe has to go to Tribal Council.

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