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Skupin Injury Number Twenty Billion

Kalabaw has all eight pieces and starts solving the puzzle. Shortly after, RC returns with her tribe's eighth piece so Tandang can start solving. Matsing still has to go get their final piece, but it doesn't seem like an impossible task. Kalabaw thinks the word is probably treasure, so they start trying to form it. Tandang has the same idea, but Kalabaw finishes first. Tandang finishes second. Matsing is going back to Tribal Council. Angie interviews that Russell was the weak link in the challenge with his poor performance. She doesn't mention the fact that she went first, did poorly, and then never went out again.

Kalabaw returns to their camp and they're psyched to see their new boat and fishing equipment. Penner takes Jeff Kent aside and confesses that he has the Idol and he hopes that telling him engenders some trust between them. Penner seems confident that there will be a tribal shakeup soon, since he says that he and Jeff Kent might come back together at some point, and they can work together. Jeff Kent is no dummy, at least in this respect, and he says that he's willing to ride with Penner for a while. Jeff Kent hopes that Penner will have a chance to prove his loyalty soon, and they shake hands before parting.

Or do they? Jeff Kent shakes, but uses his pointer finger to point at Penner at the same time, which I thought was just a weird athlete thing. Except Jeff Kent explains in an interview that what he did was a "four-finger handshake" and not a manly five-finger handshake. According to Jeff Kent, a handshake only counts if you use all five fingers. And also it's only manly with all five fingers. Is he fucking insane? First of all, who has spent this much time thinking about handshakes? Second of all, who appointed Jeff Kent the International Ruler of Handshakes and Fingers? And third of all, WHAT? I wish they could show Penner this footage and then I could watch Penner's face as Jeff Kent explains the handshake rules.

Tandang Skupin explains to his tribe how he shattered the face mask and they all chuckle indulgently. Artis (who?) interviews that Skupin wouldn't shut up, warning people about not diving with the mask on and then he did it like a buffoon and got hurt, so now Artis is mad at Skupin. Looks like someone is ripe for an alliance against Skupin, no?

So then RC, Skupin and Lisa go for a swim and possibly also to dig for clams. This leaves Abi, Pete and Artis alone in camp and Abi decides it's time to look for the Idol. She and Pete dig around for a while and then Abi thinks to check the emblem on top of the rice, which we know is the Idol. She yells, "I found it! I found it!" which seems like a bad idea even if her tribemates aren't nearby. She and Pete walk into the jungle to find a hiding place and discuss the best time to use the Idol. Pete thinks they have the numbers on their tribe right now, so they don't need it yet. Pete interviews an explanation that he thinks he can get Abi, Lisa and Artis to vote however he says, and he wants to get rid of Mike first and "neutralize RC." I feel like Pete might play a lot of video games. Meanwhile, Abi keeps saying, "I found it! I found it!" with the emphasis on "I." I fear for Pete if he ever suggests that someone else be allowed to play the Idol. Also, Abi is an asshole for stabbing RC in the back, but I guess RC should be more careful about who she trusts, right?

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