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Skupin Injury Number Twenty Billion

Poor Matsing sullenly walks back to their camp. Malcolm interviews that he's stuck out there with "the goon squad" and he puts blame equally on Angie and Russell. Malcolm and Denise walk into the woods and have a conversation that's basically like, "What the fuck? What is wrong with our useless tribe? We are carrying them on our backs!" Angie skips up and denies ever saying that she couldn't go during the challenge (she did say it). I mean, Angie looks fresh as a daisy and like she barely exerted herself; Denise and Malcolm look exhausted. That should tell you everything you need to know right there. Malcolm and Denise still don't know what they're going to do. Man, if Russell was smart, he'd try to team up with Angie and get rid of Denise or something.

Russell wanders the beach and feels sorry for himself. He interviews that his teammates might make "a bold move" and "get rid of a strong player." He was hardly a strong player in today's challenge. It's cute that he still thinks that he is, though. Russell sits and prays to God for... strength? Help? Guidance? Comfort? Something. If Russell were smart, he would use this praying time to find the Immunity Idol. He's got the clue. No one seems to be in camp. I don't know why he hasn't been looking.

Russell once again seems to be alone in camp, so I still don't get why he's not looking for the Idol. Malcolm and Angie sit looking out at the water. Angie is still trying to sell her story about how she would have gone again if needed, and Malcolm doesn't say much. Malcolm interviews that he hasn't talked strategy with Russell since the first day, and he knows Angie will do whatever he tells her to do, so he's having a hard time deciding whom to keep. Angie kind of ruins her strategy, because Malcolm seems to be on her side when she points out how badly Russell wants to be there so badly. Russell gives an interview where he points out that his ancestors overcame slavery and Jim Crow laws and he draws strength from them to help him endure. On a reality show. Because marching for civil rights and arguing to stay on a reality show are pretty much the same thing, right? Shut it, Russell and get over yourself.

Tribal Council. Probst opens by asking Denise what she gave up to come on the show. She explains about her family and work and how it will suffer in her absence, so she wants to make it worth leaving. Malcolm talks about how he's dreamed of being on the show since he was twelve and it's just not going how he had hoped. He calls it "heartbreaking," and says he's moved past frustration. Malcolm adds that Angie and Russell struggled in the challenge, and he and Denise should have stepped up earlier instead of assuming everyone needed to take a turn no matter what.

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