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Mookie and Michelle approach Sylvia about voting off Anthony, which Sylvia agrees to, of course, because what choice does she have? She interviews that they're telling her it's Anthony, but that she has zero confidence. And to that, I say: good girl, Sylvia. She goes on to say she's pretty sure that she knows the location of the idol, and she half-heartedly digs at the dirt with a coconut husk. There are people around, so she's trying to dig without making it too obvious. I have to say, if it were me, I'd find some reason to dig there -- tell them I wanted to bury a bone, tell them I wanted to hunt for gold...they wouldn't believe me, probably, and they would figure out what I was doing, but if I knew where it was, I'd have to try. A couple of people indeed seem to be watching the digging she's doing, as Sylvia voices over that getting the idol could allow her to pull a surprise on people. What will be interesting to see will be whether anyone will return later to where they saw her digging and try to find it simply from that. ["Maybe a PA will be there during tribal council, moving it." -- Wing Chun]

Tribal council. The tribe approaches and is seated. Jeff leads off by polling everyone on the state of the tribe, asking for a one-word answer. Lots of "tired" and "bad" and "hungry," and one "not very happy" from an uncooperative Yau Man, who knows a lot of things, but not how many words "one" is. Jeff says that they're "disintegrating emotionally," and asks Mookie what the tribe needs, now that the game is "slipping through [Ravu's] fingers." Mookie brings up the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer, claiming that the more they lose, the harder it is to come back. Which I agree with, and which I've agreed with on every one of the many occasions this season when it's already been said.

Jeff asks Sylvia about her bad performance in the reward challenge, and she says that she was "mortified." She says that she questions herself a lot about her inability to perform. Jeff then looks at Anthony and announces, with a point to his own noggin, that Anthony gave up immediately. Anthony repeats that he had no spit to swallow with, and that he wasn't bothered by the pig snouts at all. It was lack of spit. Mookie looks all eye-rolly.

Jeff asks Rocky whether trust is more difficult when they keep losing, apparently on the general theory that people who are losing suck and are untrustworthy. Rocky says that it only makes trust more important. Jeff asks Anthony whether Mookie is trustworthy. Anthony says he thinks so, and that he's a person who "gives people the benefit of the doubt." There's a dumb move. Jeff basically tells Anthony that this will ultimately make a sucker out of him, because he'll figure out too late who can't be trusted. Anthony says that he wonders sometimes whether these people like him. That seems unnecessary, as a topic to preoccupy you. "Mookie doesn't like me. And I don't think Rocky does either. AIIIIEEEEE!"

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