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She Saw It Coming

Jeff asks for Mookie's thoughts on what Anthony has just said, and Mookie uses this opportunity to go off on how pissed he was about Anthony not eating the pig snouts. Anthony smiles and shakes his head, because he knows that there's no way to convince an asshole in a barroom that he couldn't eat six saltines in a minute unless you make him try it. Anthony says that there's nothing wrong with his will to win, and that he doesn't appreciate being called out in this manner. Mookie tries a late save with something about how it's not "personal," because not everyone could eat the food, and Anthony points out that Anthony's the only one Mookie came after.

Now, Jeff brings up the immunity idol, Earl having been to the island once and Sylvia twice. He asks Rocky whether people were trying to figure out whether Sylvia had the idol. Rocky, roughly: "Duh." Rocky says that Sylvia could perfectly well have the idol right now. Jeff reminds us that if the idol is going to be played, it would be played after votes are cast and before they're read. Time to vote. Mookie votes for Anthony, saying, "It's not your will. It's your attitude." Says the taunter. Rocky votes. Anthony votes. Michelle votes for Sylvia. Yau Man votes. Sylvia votes. Rita votes. I'm sure Earl votes, but I can't see when.

Jeff returns with the votes. Does anyone want to play the idol? Everyone looks at Sylvia. She shakes her head. No idol. Everyone sighs with relief. Sylvia. Anthony. Sylvia. Anthony. Sylvia. Anthony. Three to three. Now? Earl. That's an interesting vote, presumably designed to avoid a Sylvia-Anthony tie. And the final vote goes to...Sylvia. She brings over her torch to be snuffed. She's really a pretty good sport about it, all things considered. She wishes everyone luck, and Anthony blows her a kiss. Jeff sends them back to camp.

I didn't get Sylvia's final words, but I'm pretty sure they were relatively gracious. She doesn't really seem the mean type, and she did kind of get hosed, considering that her entire decline started with trying to help build the shelter, from which she never recovered. Poor Sylvia. Being competent does no one any favors.

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