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Next: Sylvia versus Liliana. Now, Sylvia's slide here is truly something to behold. Because she...she sort of slides, but she falls on her bottom instead. So she rolls over onto her belly and tries to paddle like Boo was doing, but she's...not moving. She's literally lying on the course on her stomach, flapping her arms. It's maybe the most embarrassing thing I've ever seen anyone do in a challenge. She eventually realizes that she's not going anywhere like this, so she gets up and walks all tippy-toed to the ball. Sigh. Liliana gets several shots off before Sylvia even gets there, and in the end, Liliana puts her ball in before Sylvia can get a shot off. It's 4-2.

Now, it's Earl and Edgardo. That is a lot of slippery, oiled man. I think they must have let them try the course or something, because even the people who haven't gone yet are all greasy. Edgardo and Earl are a good, good match, and both handle the course really well. Of course, because of how things are going, Edgardo gets his ball in first, so it's 5-2. Ravu is despairing.

And up next are Yau Man and "Dreamz." Lisi cackles, because this is a hilarious matchup, apparently. As Jeff gives the instructions again, Yau Man gives him the thumbs-up. I just love him. I love his professorial, serious, committed, still weirdly light-hearted approach to this whole thing. You can tell that he really, really, really wants to surprise his tribe and win this face-off. He wants it bad, and not just because of the reward. When they get going, Yau Man, as Jeff points out, looks "light on his feet" getting down the last part of the course, and he's at the shooting line. Yau Man makes some good shots -- really close to going in. But...none of them go in. I think he's overthinking, trying too hard to set up the shot by looking at the geometry, and he should be just hurling it up there. In the end, while it takes him several tries, "Dreamz" finally gets one in. So once again, Ravu loses. You can tell how heartbroken Yau Man is. Moto chooses the fishing gear, which surprises me a little, and they send Sylvia to Exile Island. Finally, Moto is getting the hang of it, I think, in that you don't necessarily want to give all the idol clues to the best person on the other tribe. I am realizing that I really don't know a thing about Moto except its penchant to get injured and the fact that "Dreamz" used to eat used food. But in any event: poor Ravu.

Day 7, Exile Island. Sylvia is walking up the shore by herself. She then walks the steps to the tower where she can get another clue, as she voices over that she's spent a lot of her time away from her tribe now. She suspects that they're all wishing they'd gotten rid of her sooner. She gets good news, though, when the third clue to the idol is the one that says, "Look here, dummy." It explains exactly where the idol is: it's buried at the entrance of the cave. I don't quite get what would have happened if a Moto member had been sent here, but...all right. ["Didn't they say in the teaser during the thirteenth-season reunion that there would be two of them? I guess that's why. And also that before the exiled person gets there, a PA goes first and leaves the applicable clue." -- Wing Chun] Sylvia interviews that she's in a "tenuous position," and that she knows right where the idol is, but doesn't know if she can get to it. It's kind of like having the winning lottery ticket at home and being sent to debtor's prison before you can cash in.

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