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She Saw It Coming

Moto, Day 7, coming back from the challenge. They're all excited and pumped up, and "Dreamz" interviews that he loved watching everyone fall down. Normally, I would agree, but as the tribe shares a big laugh over the part where Gary fell down, things begin to turn a little more ominous. Gary is wiping his head with his buff and sitting unhappily. Cassandra goes over to talk to him and rubs his back, and he tells her that he "cannot get a deep breath." Everyone looks concerned, and Gary says that he's broken ribs before, and that this is feeling painfully familiar.

Gary's tribemates gets the medics to come out. As they approach, Gary continues to complain that he can't breathe. When the medical team gets to him, they ask him how he's doing, and he says it feels "like there's a knife in [his] chest." Let's see. Chest pain, can't breathe. Doesn't sound dangerous! They ask him if the pain extends anywhere else, and he says it doesn't. ("Nowhere except down my arm and up to my jaw!") He does say, though, that he felt "disorientated," which, excusing the word-mangle, also sounds rather bad. "I didn't even know my name, I don't think," he says. Near tears, Cassandra interviews that Gary was "afraid," and said he "didn't want to die in Fiji." Well, seriously. The doctors check Gary's blood pressure as Cassandra explains that, for Gary, this is a passion, doing the show, because he's older and can't have regular passions, like sex and getting your own show. The medics seem to be evaluating Gary's pain based on whether it worsens when they do certain things, which I assume is a way of figuring out whether it's Capital-C Chest Pain, or whether it's that he did indeed break or bruise a rib or give something a hell of a strain. Alex whispers to Stacy that he's betting on a broken rib, based on the sharp pain Gary is describing. It's weird how Alex is a lawyer, but seems like a doctor. I actually knew a guy who was getting his J.D. and then going to get his M.D. Which sounds to me like eating an entire roast pig and then having a ten-foot marlin for dessert. But that guy was not Alex. (Unfortunately.) The doctor tells Gary that he doesn't see evidence of "anything very severe" -- aside from the chest pain and shortness of breath in this older, not-particularly-svelte gentleman, I guess. I don't know, this seems kind of weird to me, even if they think it's nothing. But the doctor says the fact that it hurts when you push on it means it's "musculoskeletal." So they're going to give him some pain relievers. Alex explains that the plan is for Gary to take it easy and see how he feels tomorrow. But Alex says that if Gary can't breathe, he thinks Gary should "get that taken care of." The fact that this would be one guilt-free boot for the tribe is an added bonus, of course, not that I think the concern for Gary isn't genuine. He tells Gary not to be a hero if he can't breathe tomorrow. Alex interviews that they all look up to Gary, and hope he gets well. I would hope they hope that. It would be sad if they were like, "Good riddance."

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