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Back from commercials, the happy Little Mermaid-ish music is playing as we return to Moto, post-medical-emergency. It's Day 8, and Stacy is bringing some treemail. When she opens it, it reads, "Keeping your tribe together/ won't require brawn/ this is a true test of will -- and it's time to get it on!" One of the women says, "A physical one!" Which is the opposite, of course, of what that clue says. Hopefully, it isn't going to be a listening challenge. Alex corrects whoever it is that it won't require brawn (duh). Lisi says that she's not sure what this challenge will be, you never know with this game, et cetera. Gary continues to sit by himself at the edge of the shelter, so apparently, whatever was bothering him is still bothering him. Alex interviews that if Gary's condition is going to hurt the team, then it's better for everyone that he just leave. He's right, and yet it sounds kind of assy, which he can't really help. They take off for the challenge.

When they arrive at the challenge, Probst sits the tribes down on a couple of sets of bleachers, and he then welcomes Sylvia back. She sits down and is halfheartedly welcomed by her tribe, the members of which now hate her even more than before, because every time she leaves, the distaste for her accelerates in her absence.

Probst takes back the immunity idol and explains the challenge. It's an unfamiliar food contest, which Ravu applauds about immediately -- both because I think they see it as mind over matter, and because they get to eat, even if it's gross. Each pairing will be head-to-head, and the first person to eat the food in question will win a point for the tribe. First tribe to four points wins. Note that there are eight potential pairs, so it would naturally be five -- meaning that "first to four wins" makes it, once again, a little more dependent than necessary on the order in which people happen to go up. But anyway, the first matchup is Liliana and Rocky. Jeff tells them that everything that they'll be served is something people in Fiji eat. Do they eat these things raw and unprepared? This, I think we do not know. The first round involves giant clams, and Rocky the Boston Boy is very enthusiastic about that. The round is over when someone displays the famous "empty mouth." Go! They both start eating, and they're both in it. Liliana claims to be done first, but when she shows her mouth to Jeff, she still has bits of clam hanging on her teeth. Wow, that's really something to have as your first moment of real exposure on the entire show. She is now Liliana, With Clams In Her Teeth. So ultimately, Rocky gets done first. As Liliana sits down, Jeff talks about how "empty mouth" means "empty mouth," and Liliana pulls a stretchy thread of clam out of her throat, which is completely disgusting and awesome. It's like the clam would not go down without a fight, and it was a fight the clam ultimately won.

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