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The Finish That Was Weirdly Satisfying

After one hour, the last piece is removed, leaving the remaining contestants a section that, as Jeff keeps pointing out, is less than half the size of a postcard. So they are standing on the end of a pole now, basically, and that's going to hurt your feet. So Ozzy is standing, Sundra is standing, and Yul is still crouched. Sundra is mostly on one foot. Ozzy comes very, very close to falling off.

Shortly after Jeff Probst does a round of "doesn't this hurt?" questioning, Yul makes the fateful decision to try to stand up out of his squat. It doesn't work, and he falls. ["It's like doing lunges, man! Never adjust your stance, that brings pain!" -- Wing Chun] As Yul gets up on the platform where Becky is already waiting, he reaches over, all, "Sorry, dude," and I think you can tell that he did want to give her immunity.

So now, it's down to Ozzy and a surprisingly resilient Sundra. Ozzy keeps bobbling and bobbling. We get up to two hours, meaning that they've been standing for an hour on the tiny platform. They stand, and they stand, and they stand, and every once in a while, someone has a balance check, but nothing is happening. Two and a half hours. At one point, Sundra starts to wobble, and then she just seems to let her legs buckle, and she jumps in the water. I think her legs partly just gave out. She had most of her weight on one foot at a time, and if you have a sadistic trainer (um, I "suspect"), you know that this can be a very, very painful thing if you do it long enough. So once again, Ozzy has immunity, and as we expected, it is the two women who are at risk of being sent home at F4. Tribal council later, where the last person will be eliminated before the final tribal council.

We come back. Aitu is returning to camp, and Ozzy and Sundra are teasing back and forth about how close he was to falling and how much she wanted him to give her a break for once. Ozzy says he's "so pumped," and talks about how "stunned" he was about how well Sundra did. Sundra says that she was fantasizing about how great it would have been to shock everyone by walking in with immunity, and tells Yul and Becky, "It all comes to a head in a couple hours." In an interview, Yul recaps that it's going to be Sundra or Becky, kind of unavoidably. Yul and Ozzy have a talk in which Yul basically admits that he's not voting against Becky, and Ozzy says that he doesn't want to cast a deciding vote -- in this case, against Sundra. He wonders if it isn't just fairer to have the women fight it out as a tie. Also: girls fighting each other is hott. Ozzy says in an interview that they've really tried to be fair, so it seems kind of fitting that their run would end with a tiebreaker, rather than some other solution.

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