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The Finish That Was Weirdly Satisfying

In the shelter, Yul and Becky have a chat. You might even call it a fateful chat. He tells her that he thinks it's going to come down to a tie. And what's more, he will give her the immunity idol if she wants. This would basically mean he's completely trusting Becky (because all she'd have to do is spill to Ozzy and Sundra, and they could get rid of Yul, which would be very appealing before the final vote), and he's hoping nobody finds out that he could theoretically be voted out. Becky interviews that she thinks the jury would not look kindly on the "sneak attack" business of surreptitiously exchanging the idol. She says that the safety is appealing, though, so it's a "hard choice." It's interesting to contemplate that, at this point, she really doesn't seem to understand what this is going to look like to the jury. Of course...not everything that's going to potentially affect the jury has happened yet.

Later, Sundra asks Ozzy what's up. He tells her he's not casting any deciding votes, so he thinks the fairest thing is a tiebreaker. Yul repeats in an interview the business about how he could, of course, choose to save Becky, but that it would mean risk for himself. Sundra and Yul are around camp together when she looks over at Yul and asks for reassurance that there won't be "surprises at tribal." He tells her that...there won't be. Sundra also asks whether Becky asked Yul for the idol, and Yul -- truthfully -- tells her that Becky didn't ask for the idol. I think this is where he might later admit to some splitting of hairs, because that is a fine one, indeed. Yul tells us that he's had to make a lot of compromises, but that he's been basically faithful to his friendship with Becky the entire time. And on that basis, he thinks he "might have to give her the idol." The tribe pushes the boat into the water as Yul says he just "hope[s] to God things work out."

Tribal council. The tribe sits, and the jury enters. The jury looks very surprised to hear that three people will be going to the final tribal council. Jeff reviews: Yul and Ozzy are, it seems, not going to be voted out. So we are down to Becky and Sundra. Jeff asks Sundra how she feels now about the decisions at last tribal council, presumably referring to the business Adam brought up about getting rid of the idol versus not. Sundra says that not getting the idol out was "a risk." She adds that she always had worries, but that she can live with them and so forth. I think she's the closest here to thinking she might be a real sucker for staying with this alliance up to this point, but she almost doesn't mind, because she likes the people and she can live with her choices.

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