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Jeff asks whether, back at camp, they discussed who was most deserving in terms of who might get voted off. Ozzy says that he immediately said he thought it should be a tie. He explains that he's voting against Becky, Yul's voting against Sundra, and then the chips, they will fall. Jeff asks Yul about the fact that he might be able to give away the idol without anybody's knowing it. Yul answers that he knew this was a possibility, but that they all came up with another way to handle it that they feel good about, so it wasn't necessary. Jeff asks Sundra about the fact that Yul might just be lying about not giving it to anyone. Sundra agrees, and says that she of course had that thought: "If he does that, that's on him." That is literally the most you are going to hear in this two-hour finale of the final four exalting their morals or ethics above everyone else's. No kidding. And that's about the mildest case of that on this show that you're ever going to see. ["But her very economical remark is right, of course; if he did that, it would make both Yul and Becky look like dicks for ending the nice Aitu story arc in such an ugly way, and would hand the victory to Ozzy for sure." -- Wing Chun] Jeff asks Becky whether she thought maybe Yul would give her the idol. She says that it did occur to her, because they're close and everything, but that if she accepted it, she thinks that might look bad to the jury. Jeff asks Yul what's going through his mind. Yul says that his initial impression about playing with "integrity" was, he now realizes, totally naïve. He adds, though, that he tries to "stay true to certain things," including "loyalty to the people [he] came here with."

So. Time for voting. Ozzy votes. Becky votes for Sundra. Sundra votes for Becky. Yul votes. And then, it is time to read votes. Becky. Sundra. Becky. Sundra. Dun-dun-duuuun! Does anyone have the hidden immunity idol? Sundra does not. Becky? There is a long pause, but Becky...does not. So this will be a tiebreaker, and it will involve making fire. There have been no dramatic changes in which the tiebreaker involves the best embodiment of ethnic stereotypes, surprisingly enough.

Sundra and Becky arrange themselves at their fire-making stations. They each have flint and steel, coconut husks, and wood. They have to build a fire high enough to burn through the rope. And...go! Tense music! Who will win? Becky and Sundra both carefully break up sticks and build little fire structures. They surround them with coconut husks. And now, they start to strike their flints to get flames. "Who will get the first flame?" Jeff wonders. Strike-strike-strike! Strike-strike-strike! This goes on for...a while, while the music plays tightly, until finally, Sundra gives this little chuckle, like, "Um, sorry." Becky looks around, equally embarrassed.

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