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The Finish That Was Weirdly Satisfying

When we return, it is the morning of Day 39 at Aitutonga. Becky, Yul, and Ozzy are toasting themselves with coconuts. Ozzy tells us in Spanish that it's incredible to be here on Day 39. And...I'm not doubting him, but honestly, I know that much Spanish. He tells us that he has to pinch himself regularly just so he's sure he's not imagining this entire thing. The three of them enjoy the sunrise together. Becky says that she has "mixed feelings" (heh), and that she's surprised she made it through the fire challenge. I think we're surprised that any of us made it through that challenge, lady. She also says she's proud that she didn't succumb to "the temptation" to take the idol. She says she thinks the jury will ask her about whether she just rode other people to the end, so she's hoping that not taking that offer will help. She says she's proud of the "social game" she's played.

After another interlude in which adorable fish are put on display, Ozzy is sitting on the beach relaxing when a couple of women paddle up in a boat. Ozzy calls for Yul. They are both overjoyed to see, when the boat comes ashore, that it is filled with food. Yul and Ozzy hug. And then they holler, "BEEEECKYYYY!" Because Becky is off wandering. The women leave, and Yul drops to his knees and bows down to the food. Hee. He and Ozzy want to dive in, but they decide to wait for Becky. Now that's dedication. They then holler in unison: "BEEECKYYYY!" Ozzy interviews that he found it "a little symbolic" that he and Yul were the ones to actually receive the feast. I mean, Ozzy was lying around when it arrived, so it's not like Becky missed it because she was a lazy-ass and they were digging a well. Ozzy goes on to say that he thinks the jury vote is going to be between him and Yul. He doesn't think Becky will get any votes, particularly after the hideous display of fire-making non-prowess.

As it happens, the boys give up and start eating without Becky, so Ozzy has to yell for her with his mouth full. She hustles back when she realizes that there's food, and she's literally squealing, which is kind of cute. She runs back and leaps into Yul's embrace. Aw. Wouldn't we all. Yul talks about how great it is to close out the game with Becky after he started it with her such a long time ago. Yul tells us that "a really good friend is worth more than a million dollars." Amen to that. They all eat as Yul voices over that he did try to play with some integrity, but that he "failed in a lot of respects." I don't know about that, really. And then he says, "Hopefully, people won't hold it against me that I beat them." HA HA HA! Oh, Yul, you're adorable. If only we lived in that pretty, pretty world.

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